2019 A Year in Review

What a wild year we embarked on! First off, a huge THANK YOU to all of you that leaned in and supported us in 2019. It truly was instrumental in building a solid foundation as we head into 2020. 

I wanted to take a moment to provide a brief recap on Constellation in 2019. As many of you might have seen, I recently posted a State of the Union where I did a recap on who Constellation is, what we do, what we have accomplished, and where we are going. 

2019 started with a period of silence and ended the year with exponential growth and momentum across social media (mentions and followers), a letter of support and endorsement by The United Air Force, and a strong and engaged community in Telegram. Our community truly embodied decentralization by self-organizing and establishing a governance group to help further the development of policies, values, and ethics of Constellation and an education group, called Stardust Collective, to further simplify and disseminate the message of Constellation. 

Next year will be a year focused on growth and adoption by focusing on integrations and clients in the private and public sector while rolling out our MainNet (native token, validator rewards, and developer tools to build secure data validation solutions). 

Here is a community built website that provides quick links and navigation to many of Constellation’s resources: http://www.constellationinfo.com/


2019 A Year in Review

The beginning of 2019 was a time for Constellation to be in hibernation as we created our strategy and vision for the year to come. After May, things took off rapidly taking us from a very inactive organization to a beehive of activity! 



We ramped up in early May when we posted a demo of our private network in production.

Transportation Demo


We presented to the world a stronger vision and narrative of Constellation’s purpose and mission. 



We presented a detailed articulation of our token-economics and the role of our cryptocurrency $DAG.



The viral effect took off and we had an overwhelming amount of interest to become node operators, to receive rewards for participating in our network: 750 applications across 92 countries in about 48 hours.




We were one of two blockchain companies to receive a working contract with the United States Air Force to provide solutions around securing and transferring data between systems.

Forbes: United States Air Force & Constellation

…We launched the SPORE brand to articulate our enterprise dashboard solution. 

Spore Platform: Enterprise Dashboard

…and received a strong overview by Nik Patel …and Binance


We formed a partnership with a leading blockchain company, ChainLink, to provide Smart Contract support and data validation services. 

ChainLink Integration Partnership and Research (Use Case)

…We were invited to sit on the board of Blockchain at Portland State University

Portland State University – Seat on the board of advisors


We conducted a detailed partnership overview with the Quant Network and sat on several panels at Quant’s conference in London. 

Quant Integration Partnership and Research (Use Case)


We became the highest performing cryptocurrency of 2019 and our community won numerous poles to become “The Best Community in Crypto:”

2019 State of the Union



Thank you for being a part of the Constellation Community and Thank you for an incredible 2019 – let’s do it again in 2020. 

The Constellation Team