Token Swap – 29th April 2020 6am UTC

What an amazing few years this has been as we have built an incredibly vibrant and intelligent community like no other. WE ARE THE FUTURE and it starts with the Mainnet Swap. This is a historical moment for all of us and for those who have followed us closely. Thank you all so much for the support and self organization that has occured over the last several months.

Video Update:

Updated Swapping Documentation

On Wednesday 29th April 6am UTCย  The Mainnet swap will happen and the freeze will begin. All trading will freeze for up to 48 hours (and as little as 10 minutes). This is the moment! We are a live decentralized DAG network that will be plugged into Kucoin. (A few other exchanges will follow up shortly).

Additionally, we will be doing an AMA with Kucoin on May 7th where we will be announcing a very large commercial partnership that NO other blockchain company has formed. I guess Constellation is unique as we have quite a few partners that no one has. This will help our community connect the dots on truly commercializing blockchain by showing its compatability with existing data management solutions.

We are a unique breed and you are all unique and see a vision that not everyone see’s!

This is just the start. The launch of the Hypergraph network has been well underway with Batch 0 and 1 and the mainnet swap marks an incredible milestone. Our network comes with a lot of validation as we continue to connect with multiple government agencies far beyond just the Air Force. We are truly building trust and a standard on how to securely transport data between the cloud and devices. Multiple stakeholders in the Federal government are coming together to address real problems that impact nearly every agency.

Over the next several months, we will be bringing to the forefront how our technology impacts individuals, enterprises, governments, and economies. We have a lot that we have been building in the background and we are excited to bring you all deeper into the fold.

Over the past several months, we have ironed out use cases that impact the entire federal government and the data they create. These use cases are showing how the Federal Government embraces innovation and the creation of an autonomous network that will allow for the secure transfer of data. This is having a profound impact on how we approach the re-engineering of a digital infrastructure that has collapsed beneath us.

Constellation is the future of interoperability by securing our digital infrastructures at scale.

Welcome to the Future Community!

Be Safe. Be Positive. Be Healthy. We are doing this together.

The Constellation Team