Hello Community,
this is a good time to look back and celebrate. The DAG Hypergraph main net ecosystem has launched!

It has been over 2,5 years in the making and many have doubted that we could pull it off. With the Hypergraph main net live Constellation marks a milestone in crypto history! Only a handful companies have ever achieved the status of a true main net.

The DAG Hypergraph runs on fully decentralized nodes spread around the globe. The PRO consensus is reputation based and unlike anything else out there. It saves energy in comparison to POW and is more fair than POS. The initial cluster without any fine tuning and optimization runs 5x the tps of eth and btc. Full horizontal scalability ensures unlimited tps growth with more nodes on the network. Kucoin has successfully integrated the Hypergraph and trading is live.

From here onwards the journey is about growing the Hypergraph ecosystem with you:
More exchange integrations
More ecosystem tools and features
Integrations buildout
More nodes onboarded
State channels
Partner and contract expansion

The blockexplorer alpha is live: www.stargazer.network/

Molly wallet can be downloaded: constellationnetwork.io/molly-wallet/

The community built balance checker: cryptoast.io/constellation/#check-balance

Community driven gift store: constellation-dag-gift-shop.myshopify.com/

We are excited to build the next stage of the Hypergraph ecosystem with you!
The Constellation Team