Cybersecurity for Big Data

Constellation allows you to implement security and auditability for complex datasets without changing existing IT infrastructure. It’s secure, cost-effective, scalable, and easy to integrate.

Introducing The Stargazer Wallet

A Cross Chain functional Wallet for the future of a Cross Chain Interoperability.

A Different Approach to Blockchain

Constellation is a software infrastructure tool that removes the financial and organizational cost of insecure data pipelines and bad data. It provides a secure and tamper-proof audit trail that simultaneously validates your data, allowing early visibility for data management teams into downstream issues – preventing bad logic across automated systems.

Big Data Validation

A cryptographically secure, multi-checkpoint solution that validates data pipelines at scale – for bulletproof, secure networks.

Big Data Notarization

Our robust and unique protocol notarizes your data in dedicated transaction logs forming a queryable audit trail.

Scalable Interoperability

Our micro-service framework enables effortless plug-and-play functionality with existing applications written with JVM languages such as Java & Scala.

Network & Protocol

Distributed Node Operator groups, Hosting a Range of Validated Datasets

SPORE Platform

A Provisioned Development Platform for Hosting & Monitoring via a Dashboard Interface

The $DAG Token

The Directed Acyclic Graph Crypto that Powers the Robust Network


Lattice Exchange

Lattice is a decentralized finance (DeFi) application built with Ethereum and Constellation’s Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP). Our vision is to advance and modernize the world’s financial trading solutions for crypto assets. Lattice empowers users and liquidity providers alike with advanced AMM algorithms.

Featured Partners


MOBI is a mobility open Blockchain initiative using Blockchain and related technologies to make mobility safer, greener, and more accessible.

We are proud members of the Hyperledger community. Hyperledger is an open-source collaboration creating to advance cross-industry Blockchain technologies.

The Space ISAC serves to facilitate collaboration across the global space industry to enhance our ability to prepare for and respond to vulnerabilities, incidents, and threats.

Splunk produces software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data via a Web-style interface.

Kinnami’s platform is a distributed secure storage management system that organizes information into encrypted objects owned by end-users (people or systems.)

GBA promotes blockchain tech by empowering individuals and organizations to connect, communicate, and collaborate to solve global public sector challenges.

Recent News


A Scalable Economic Framework for Digital Entrepreneurs – Introducing Constellation Network, Inc. Tokenomics v2.0

Our intention is to set a new standard in the crypto universe by bridging econometrics, business, and technology through our Tokenomics v2. With verifiable mathematical proofs we show how an economy is indexed through $DAG. Fee based economies do not enable a scalable economy at its core. As such these fee based ecosystems lack not only the technical feasibility for a scalable network but also the underpinning economics that an internet of value relies on.

Our goal is that we will usher in a shift in value in how we perceive the transfer of value. The value of digital currency is that we can attach more information to the payload in the transfer of currency. This will dethrone the digital walled gardens of today that monetize your data while inviting a wave of new blockchain entrepreneurship.

Through the HGTP protocol we will create an economy that rewards and penalizes actors. People will be able to program their own tokenomics into the core of their L_0 application and this will create an infinite amount of sinks. Our Hypergraph will become the index for all data and create the worlds largest queryable database of oracalized data. This is the solution to data oracalizations.

This is the framework for the datapreneur. This is THE framework for blockchain entrepreneurship and the only path to scalability.


Kinnami and Constellation form a strategic partnership to promote distributed secure data as a means to avoid inherent problems with centralized systems

In collaboration, Constellation Network and Kinnami provide a zero trust approach to secure distributed data management by combining a blockchain solution and resilient storage platform to protect data in both transit and storage. In doing so, the collaboration provides a powerful data management solution that avoids the inherent problems with centralized systems.

This allows organizations to mitigate both external and internal security threats by verifying every connection before providing network access. Zero trust networks thereby present a new approach to secure data management that aligns with the needs of federal agencies and enterprise companies who handle and produce sensitive information. Learn more by reading the solution overview.


Constellation joins Space ISAC bringing their scalable and secure Blockchain expertise to the booming evolution in space infrastructure

Constellation Network was one of the first blockchain solutions to become a member at SpaceISAC. With mobility, communications and cybersecurity being at the forefront of Constellation’s focus, they see satellites as a mission critical and growing landscape for future infrastructure. With this infrastructure being decentralized by nature, security and interoperability amongst devices and constituents requires a network and standards to meet those demands. Constellation is committed to contributing and researching within SpaceISAC working groups to accelerate the future of satellite capabilities. Core members of Space ISAC include Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen Hamilton, Parsons, Kratos, Space Dynamics and more.


The Constellation x Splunk partnership is fundamentally motivated by the need for end-to-end security within large scale data processing

Constellation is a cybersecurity plugin for distributed applications that produces an encrypted and verified log of all data access, transfer and operations within a system. By implicitly orchestrating network topology and key based authentication, each stage within a service is verified with a quantified measure of trust; the core product specification for situational awareness and automating mission critical systems. The end goal of a Constellation integration within Splunk’s drag and drop dashboard as an emerging situational awareness product will provide a level of security unmatched by the existing market.


Lattice Exchange Announces Early Backers for a Scalable Decentralized Finance Platform for Digital Currency Built On Constellation Network 

Lattice is the evolution of existing DeFi solutions by providing the best price and profitability for protocol users. It enables smart routing for trades and the ability to aggregate liquidity pools and incorporate multiple Automated Market Making (AMM) algorithms on Constellation’s scalable Hypergraph Network. Leveraging Constellation’s Network, trading transactions will be cheaper, more accurate, and faster than other DeFi solutions built on alternative blockchain infrastructures.

Partner with us

Constellation is partnered with enterprise companies, institutional investment funds, crypto advisory firms, technology PR firms and Blockchain education groups. Current areas of focus: 

Joint research papers focused on preparing for the future using Big Data Validation

Mobility working group partners interested in AV Marketplace Data strategy