Constitution v.1.0

Value-Based Network Development and Governance


Emergent Sovereignty

Many technologies are a response to a human need. Bitcoin is widely seen as a response to the global financial crisis of 2008/2009. Ten years later we have a crisis of data. Information is globally and fluidly shareable but is the information accurate? The second issue is that individuals, businesses, and societies at large are blinded by too much information. Thirdly, we face major interoperability issues between data-generating systems. In consequence, there is a need for a fact-checking layer in the data generation lifecycle. 

Constellation is a response and acknowledgment of the power that is inherent in information and data. We want to shed light onto what informational basis a decision has been made and illuminate upon the decisions and the decisions to these problems.

Not only does validation of different data and data sources create the internet of devices but it also lays the foundation for self-organizing and self-governing structures based on true data and information. 

This ties directly into the idea of sovereignty: Sovereignty can be understood in a classical liberal sense of individual sovereignty and/or in international law and nation-state context. On a third abstraction layer, it can be understood with the words of Carl Sagan: “Who speaks for earth?” Earth is the highest logical abstraction of sovereignty. However, the earth has no representation in governance (yet).

New technologies like Constellation enable a context for the definition of global sovereignty in regards to data but also in a wider sense of governance. Sovereignty composed of sovereign pieces – a decentralized decision-making process. Removing the disconnect between information processing and decision making – coupling value exchange and information exchange creates a market but also allows for direct governance without intermediaries. It implicitly creates a sovereign entity on which the free market hand is operating on. 

We embrace how technologies impact our lives, how they change the way we work and how an abundance of information challenges our ethics and values. Thereby Constellation plants the flag on sovereign data and sovereign decision making by following the path of nature.

To reach our goal and transmit the spirit of this undertaking Constellation has developed a set of principles that lay the foundation onto which we want to build the growth of The Network. 

The Constellation Principles


Data liberation

De-siloing, connecting, and having a choice with data generated by people and devices. Strengthen the ability of individuals and communities alike to govern their own data. Individual choice of what to do with data.



The Network and its governance shall promote facts and quantifiable truth with the goal to serve the well-being of humans and the larger ecosphere.



The Network shall further individual and global sovereignty. 



We reduce resource consumption and consider the primary & secondary impacts of our actions.



No single entity or person shall determine the development and governance of The Network.



We don’t know everything. There is always new learning and deeper understanding. We are humble in the face of a complex poly-contextual reality. We govern and run The Network in humility and service to others.



We understand that nature moves in cycles. There is a right time and timing for things. We strive for two-sided beneficial reciprocity.



Personal responsibility and accountability. We own up to our actions.


Truth & Openness

Problems are a path to growth. We address issues in a compassionate and direct way.


Civic Responsibility

The Network exists because we participate. We are responsible for The Network, our community, and the wider ecosphere. Individual desires shall come second to the health and prosperity of the Network in service of others.


Adaptability and Flexibility

The Network shall be governed in an adaptive and flexible way that is in harmony with all aforementioned principles.