Dear Constellation Community,

Prior to our 1st AirDrop we wanted to clarify some recurring questions from the community.

Please be aware –  A number of AirDrop scams and fake google doc forms have also been circulating.  Report any unofficial/scam DAG AirDrops in our telegram channel.  

When does the AirDrop Start?

Successful registrants for the first AirDrop will receive an email invite to start the KYC process on July 7th and registration will close on July 20th. The first round is limited to 2000 people.  If successful, you will receive confirmation prior to tokens being distributed  July 24th -27th.

Why am I receiving my tokens in the 24th of July and not earlier?

We need to ensure that our lock-up contract is fully audited.  The intervening weeks before token distribution will make sure the process is safe and secure.  Future AirDrops will have a shorter period of time between KYC and AirDrop distribution.

If I registered for the AirDrop am I guaranteed to receive tokens?

No, our AirDrop was heavily oversubscribed therefore not every registrant will be accepted. If you do not complete the KYC registration you will be unsuccessful and exempt from further AirDrops.

What happens if my KYC is pending?

The team will be manually checking your credentials.  You will still be in line for the AirDrop if KYC is manually approved.

How many AirDrops will I be eligible for?

Just one.  If selected you will be placed in 1 of 6 AirDrops this year.  Refer to the schedule here for timing.

How many tokens will I receive?

Depending on which tier you fall into you will receive:

  • Community membership: 250 $DAG
  • Developer membership: 1000 $DAG

I applied for the AirDrop via the promotion. When and how will I receive my tokens? users will receive tokens through the same KYC process as regular entrants for the second AirDrop on August 14th

I was an early member of the Telegram channel. Will I receive DAG via the AirDrop?

Yes, as promised the first 3000 telegram members with automatically get placed in the September AirDrop.  We have captured your emails.

Will Tokens be locked up?

Yes, Tokens will be subjected to a 6 month lock up which will in-turn give you access/membership to the Orion portal across community or developer tiers. After 6 months the token will be distributed to your ETH wallet provided.

Any further questions jump into our TG channel.

Happy 4th of July,

Constellation Team