Still want to know more about the Dor Traffic Miner (DTM)? It’s been nearly a month since we opened sales for this unique way to earn crypto.

Because it’s a groundbreaking device that helps you earn crypto rewards just by placing the device anywhere it can collect foot traffic, we’ve fielded lots of questions from excited customers. Let’s take a closer look at one that’s been most top-of-mind: rewards.

Here are some scenarios that explain how you earn rewards with the DTM, beyond foot traffic collection.


Buy a DTM and get your NFT. You link your NFT to the Traffic Miner platform.


Yes. Even though you don’t have your Dor Traffic Miner in hand, your NFT qualifies you to start earning.


You’ll have opportunities to complete tasks and earn rewards. Once you’re connected to the platform, we might ask you to provide geolocation data to earn rewards.


Buy a DTM sooner than later.


Yes. Monthly $DAG rewards will be distributed from the node pool established for activated DTMs providing data to the network. The earlier you buy one, the more rewards you could earn.


Since the DTM sales just started a few weeks ago, you could earn more rewards if you purchase now.

Here’s a potential breakdown.

Example of Potential Rewards

The earlier you purchase your DTM, the more rewards you could earn. That’s potentially a lot of $DAG, in addition to any foot traffic data you earn or any analytic insights you gain from the data-driven people-counter.

Common questions and answers about rewards.

Where do the rewards come from?

A validator reward pool.

The Dor Traffic Miner is a node on Constellation’s Hypergraph Network that receives rewards from the node pool.

How many rewards will be distributed each month?

Once the devices are activated, 5M $DAG will be distributed from the validator reward pool per month for data mining.

What determines reward distribution from this pool?

Two criteria will decide rewards:

  1. Onboarding bounties which will vary in rewards.
  2. Successful installation of the DTM. Once you’re up and running and ready for foot traffic, you’re ready for rewards.

I want more rewards! Are there more options?

Yes. We’ll offer additional bounties like geolocation, volume, location via $DAG from data sales. That’s just the beginning.

“First-of-its-kind,” for real.

Foot traffic on the ground, analytics, and insights, nodes on the Hypergraph, earnings, and rewards for you. The Dor brings it all together. It’s for businesses, it’s for individuals, and it’s definitely for our Constellation community. You can learn more here or purchase one now.