The world economic forum has identified that we are well underway in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  This industrial revolution, unlike previous industrial revolutions, is characterized by as the “fusing of the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries, and even challenging ideas about what it means to be human.” (Klaus Schwab).

In Salim Ismail’s book, Exponential Organizations, he discusses technologies that are native to this Fourth Industrial Revolution and how organizations can leverage these technologies and characteristics of successful organizations that have adopted and adapted to the changing business ecosystem.

Constellation is focused on building the pipes and rails that these technologies and organizations interconnect. By exploring the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Constellation is flushing out the myriad of use cases whereby which our technology can help disseminate the value captured. Our aim is to work with our existing community and build a community of vertical specialists to help deeply understand opportunities that exist for global adoption of our technology.

To realize the potential impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, rails or pipes will need to be constructed in an entirely new frame of mind: enter blockchain technology and the new internet. At Constellation, we are developing fiber and distributing mechanisms between connected devices, software, and digital worlds. These will unlock the ability for engineers to seamlessly create applications that distribute and transact information in a trustless and decentralized way to a global population of smart devices.

Constellation’s technology will enable these revolutionary advancements to flourish by providing the rails by which we disseminate and unlock newly synthesized and aggregated information. Disruptive technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be able to seamlessly interconnect  seamlessly distribute collected data and transact independently of centralized operations and will enable cross collaboration of independent disciplines, technologies, and industries.

Below we have outlined specific use cases, without mention to specific partners, where Constellation’s key features of distributing information in a democratic format is most likely to succeed. Constellation’s will enable rapid developer adoption through consumer participation in our version of “mining,” while delivering enterprise level speed, accountability, and redundancies needed for SME adoption.

How Constellation is Approaching Blockchain Differently


While blockchain technology has some broadstroke use cases — many of which have made headlines over the past year — we believe there are bigger and more complex opportunities beneath the surface. Below is a highlight of how Constellation approaches some general technological features often encountered in the blockchain space.

While we periodically discuss higher transaction speeds differentiate Constellation’s core features from other protocols, the concept has often been associated with the speeds of payments and processing on a peer-to-peer basis. Below, we articulate other technological applications beyond the financial interpretation of “transactions:”

    • Interoperability: For true interoperability to exist, high throughput is necessary to communicate quickly between software, hardware, and various devices. Additionally, cross-device/software/chain compatibility will be required for transactions between technology stacks.
    • AI: Through our distributed operating system, we will create a neural or mesh network and enable application developers the ability to use AI throughout the development of various micro-services.
    • Identity: Constellation will create the ability to record biometric identities and personal information, and allow consumers use and sell their recorded data at will to further integrate with connected devices.
    • Remittance: Payment processing speeds are the first thing to solved as the current transaction speed is still a fraction of what major credit card companies, such as VISA, see today. The ability to earn money and simultaneously store or transfer earnings will be the first problem that Constellation attempts to solve.



Beyond developer adoption, our goal is to enable every consumer with a smart device the ability to participate in our proof-of-meme delegate selection process. By participating in our delegate selection process, individuals will be rewarded appropriately. This in turn will drive mass commercialize and adoption of traditional blockchain “mining” features that have been reserved primarily for those with expensive hardware, engineering skill sets, and a foundational knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. As a result, we hope to build a larger and more diverse pool of general blockchain and cryptocurrency participants — not only as consumers, but as producers and supporters of the industry.

Market Opportunities


Constellation’s core advantage will rely on creating a two-sided marketplace. Namely, the players in our marketplace will consist of:


Consumers looking to earn tokens and income by participating in our delegate selection; Devices and machines that can seamlessly transact with one another.

  1. 5 Billion connected retail consumers that have access to the internet, mobile devices, and computers (smartphone, iPad, personal computers)
  2. 75 Billion Connected Devices by 2022 (servers, cars, sensors)


SMEs, developers, and entrepreneurs that are looking to build new initiatives with  distributed ledger technology, decentralized architecture, and democratized validation of transactions and can seamlessly tap into our Supply.

  1. Application developers that need to leverage low-cost and secure distributed computing
  2. Application developers that will leverage a powerful independent mesh network of devices and validators
  3. Enterprise applications that can leverage distributed microservice technology in a high throughput capacity
  4. Constellation’s in-house developed applications that leverage incentives and a global network

SME Applications

Constellation’s technology will specifically have an exponential impact on enterprise and consumer grade applications.

Today’s existing blockchain tech applications are not equipped to scale beyond isolated sandbox testing environments. Constellation’s technology will specifically have an exponential impact on enterprise and consumer grade applications.

The three features of our technology include reputation based delegate selection, graph-based architecture, and cross-chain liquidity – enabling high transaction throughput in a democratic way. These features will uniquely position us to provide scalability for SME’s (small, medium, enterprise organizations) as they look to further shift larger portions of their technological stack onto blockchain technology and tap into distributed ledger technology that is secure and scalable and works with existing developer languages (JVM).

As you will read in our technology overview (to be distributed at a future date) about the features of our architectured protocol, we are equipped to provide scalability at unprecedented levels (scale, speed, security, liquidity). We will not dive into the technological breakdown as this section will primarily lend itself to the applications of the technology from a high level and broad stroke perspective.

Here are some of the industries where we see opportunities ready to be seized:

    • Financial Services: Empowering individuals to earn passive income by participating in our delegate selection and giving them the ability to send and transfer funds with zero transaction fees creates a decentralized bank.
    • Automotive: Diagnostic reporting to multiple vendors, intra mobility and payments between machines/microservices (eWallet), and predictive maintenance.
    • Insurance: Aggregate data and multiple touchpoints to improve underwriting services from multiple industries.
    • IoT: Truly connect cities, automobiles, sensors, and multiple data points to create independent interconnectivity.
    • Energy: Enable consumers to transact solar from owned energy grids independent of centralized metering.
    • Utilities (water and sanitation): Enable new application level growth on monitoring antiquated infrastructure to save trillions of dollars on wasted resources.
    • Healthcare: Store, tokenize, and transact unique biometric identity that is interoperable between devices, software, and. Additionally, the use of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality have created unprecedented opportunity for neural networks and robots to decrease human error on surgeries and diagnosis.



Macroeconomic Trends


To enable these industries to rapidly adopt advancements that blockchain technology will unlock, we have taken a look at some macroeconomic trends – namely the sheer volume of connected sensors and devices to come online over the next several decades.

Furthermore, our strategy will be to seed a mesh network of connected users and devices that will invariable cause a network effect and scalable adoption of the Constellation platform. We see this occurring in the following ways:

  1. Create an easy way for individuals to become earners and participate
  2. Empower every device the ability to participate in distributed computing
  3. Enable the seamless transaction between people and devices
  4. Enable cross chain transactions between blockchains, currencies, and services

Why Now? Connected Devices


By 2020, it is projected that there will be nearly 75 billion connected devices interconnecting, transacting, and storing more data than we ever thought possible. Nearly 5 billion people will be coming online and will have access to an abundance of information and will contribute to this  well of unique identities and data stored. The raw cost of materials needed to build a smart device with millions of dollars of technology is nearly zero. Thus the main economic incentive here is to seamlessly distribute mobile devices while connecting people and get them to communicate, transact, and buy through devices.

As nearly every major business will have digitized (coming online in some sort of capacity), the marginal cost associated with the production of the device is far exceeded by the opportunity cost for people to connect and transact.

With widespread distribution of mobile devices, Constellation will create a consumer friendly application that will enable ever mobile device the ability to become validators on our network. As a result of our retail approach, Consumer’s will be able to leverage unused computing power for high computational output while earning ACI tokens as a reward.

As a result, businesses will be able to tap into the billions of devices that have unused distributed computing power to manage operational machine learning databases (AI, cryptography, ML) and CPU and GPU renderings/computations (AI, VR, AR, 3D and video rendering) while Constellation seamlessly and passively rewards participants with minted Constellation tokens for participation.

How? Connecting the Globe


While our aim is to enable your grandmother to participate in our “mining” and delegate selection, our aim is to also allow all sorts of devices to be interoperable with a payment layer. The key success to Bitcoin and Ethereum was the ability to have liquidity between other people and into fiat.  

The ability to earn, store, and transact at high velocities invariable invites the idea of a universal and distributed bank. As devices and and people receiving ACI tokens for network participation, they will be required to hold wallets to hold earned tokens. This currency will essentially be on a distributed ledger without the need for a moderator and custodian of funds. Furthermore, network participants will be able to hold and transact tokens with zero interest rate and zero transaction fees. Finally, this zero transaction rate will enable a network wide peer-to-peer payment network.

Constellation’s customer acquisition strategy will be to enable individuals to simultaneously earn tokens and transfer ACI tokens to one another. The ability to create a retail consumer application, leveraging blockchain characteristics, will create a network of users that far exceeds any existing blockchain technology company and developer community in the world

Concluding Thoughts


The real impact of blockchain technologies will be to enable businesses, developers, and the global population outside of the small (yet growing) crypto community to participate in these advancements: alternative revenue streams, interconnected applications through micro-services, and water, energy, and food sustainability and preservation. Over the next several years, we at Constellation will continue to explore every vertical and the potential use cases for distributed ledger technology. Our goal will be to accentuate some of the core features of the blockchain and crypto community and amplify that noise: community, transparency, and open source.

The team at Constellation’s mission is to invite and develop a community that can become a part of a vision for a new world. We aim to empower global leaders, “ambassadors”, to collaborate with us and flush out the reality of applying scalable blockchain technology to every vertical, industry, problem, and opportunity.

If you are interested in exploring a partnership with Constellation Labs, please feel free to ping me directly –