Dear Constellation Community,

Thank you to all of you that have followed Constellation’s development over the last year. It has been a wild ride with an extremely strong fourth quarter where we have continued to build our vision, deliver on engineering milestones, and further establish ourselves. Please watch our year end video which walks through the vision of the company, company milestones, goals, the team, use cases, and use of funds to date.


One of the largest achievements of Constellation is establishing a future for enterprise adoption. This has been exercised by the partnerships we have put in place, the vernacular by which we convey our technology, and within our company culture and how we operate.

Constellation is the Red Hat for Blockchain. We are commercializing blockchain for enterprise and consumer grade adoption by building a framework, with a scalable infrastructure, to support developers with big data initiatives. Furthermore, and with the core framework revolving around an API/microservice ecosystem, we are developing technologies to monetize IoT data while enabling data processing at the edge. We see the trillion dollar IoT market as an established market that is looking for additional infrastructure layers that validate the integrity of data. Our initial traction has been in the $300B automotive sector as mid-market and enterprise players better understand the data demands of the connected automobile. However, the vision extends beyond the automotive sector and into healthcare, energy, and manufacturing.

Our approach as an enterprise software solution will carve us out as an industry leader in distributed computing and enterprise solutions for the future.

Ambassador Program

The Constellation Ambassador Program was implemented to arm and equip industry leaders with knowledge about the Constellation technology and our directives. Our intention was to open source our business development initiatives and create a global team of leaders that understood the Constellation message.

Constellation kicked off the Ambassador Program concept in June of 2018 and used existing advisor relationships to prove out the strategy. We were fortunate enough to have found strong strategic ambassadors early on that have helped us secure foundation memberships, as well as access to enterprise engagements. This in turn established Constellation’s market focus, as well as a framework for a scalable Ambassador Program. We are ending the year with a globally scalable Ambassador Certification Course that lives on The Blockchain University platform. We partnered with The Blockchain University, and all those that pass the course test receive a Certification that lives on an immutable ledger. To date, over 70 people have expressed interest and over 20 people have passed our certification course. We will be kicking off 2019 with a series of monthly webinars to drive the strategic focus of the Constellation Ambassadors and continue to scale enterprise engagements. For more information on the Ambassador Program including how to get certified, check out the links below:

Joining Consortia

2018 saw a flourishing of collaboration amongst communities and projects. With so many potential use cases and differing approaches to technology, the blockchain space recognized the benefit of forming working groups and consortia. The only way we will usher in true adoption is shared chains, networks, and business, and to that end we were hugely honored to be accepted into two of the industries leading groups:

Hyperledger – Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration, hosted by The Linux Foundation, including leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing and Technology.

MOBI – MOBI is a nonprofit organization working with forward thinking companies, governments, and NGOs to make mobility services more efficient, affordable, greener, safer, and less congested by promoting standards and accelerating adoption of blockchain, distributed ledger, and related technologies.

Finance & $DAG

Token Launch and Distribution

Constellation launched it’s token with the Token Generation Event (TGE) in June. We successfully distributed the non-discounted portion of the private presale tokens to our investors. Shortly thereafter, Kucoin and IDEX Exchange listed DAG token on their exchange. In the following weeks and months more exchanges followed, with HitBTC being the most notable one.

Going forward, we are looking forward to driving the organic interest and adoption of DAG through new partnerships and the usage of the network. On Dec. 1st, 12pm UTC we distributed the second major batch of liquidity as the discounted portion of presale tokens was released. In addition to the last Airdrop on Dec. 14th, this concluded the most notable influx of liquidity into the circulating supply of DAG.

Token Allocations

We decided to shift the overall allocation of DAG tokens away from founders, employees and the foundation in favor of the validator rewards. This means participants in the network who run nodes in the network will have access to a pool of rewards that doubled in size from 20% to 40% of the total token supply. Constellation therefore strengthens their promise to empower a strong community of network contributors and validators.


The market has been in a perpetual downtrend since January which affected most participants in the blockchain space from hedge funds, exchanges, ICO companies and retail investors. We are happy that we are sufficiently de-risked with 81% of our assets held in USD in our bank account. Budgeting and Roadmap have been diligently adjusted to preserve capital and enable operations while optimizing for the ability to deliver the mainnet with new developers being hired.


A note from Wyatt, Constellation Co-Founder and CTO:

It’s hard to believe how much has happened in 2018. Looking back on the original white paper I wrote last November/December it’s incredible how this idea came alive. This project’s development began with just myself building a simple prototype of gossiping nodes and has evolved into a live network with growing contributors.

Throughout the year we were privileged with the opportunity to present our approach to distributed consensus across the world. First, at DeCentralize in Singapore, where we first showcased a combinatorial approach to distributed ledger technology. Then, ending back home in San Francisco at TechCrunch Disrupt and Scale by the Bay where we differentiated ourselves from existing distributed ledger technologies with how our architecture draws itself from first principles of functional programming and graph theory.

As the year came to a close, we had amazing developments in terms of node stabilization and partitioning. This gave way to to our node operator program and our partitioning demo, successfully demonstrating that our data structure will allow horizontal scalability. In our final weeks we’ve been planning our roadmap and general architecture for application support which will take the bulk of our focus as we begin 2019. I speak for at least myself in saying that I’m really excited to get into the weeds with our first applications supported with the Constellation Protocol.


We launched our community and marketing efforts during the market high of early 2018, experiencing explosive growth and optimism. We saw channels grow by hundreds if not thousands of members by the day. It was a challenge to keep up with the energy in our Telegram channel – meeting the demands of 25,000 people, seeding the necessary updates and answering ALL the questions. Altif responded by forming a core group of 20 community managers spread out across multiple timezones who could respond and report back when there were issues. We’re hugely appreciative of the team who helped us during the initial launch and continue to support us to this day, providing feedback, report bugs, creating content and much more. You know who you are! Since launch we’ve diversified into an active Reddit, Discord and thriving Twitter and Instagram channels which we continue to grow.

Coming into April 2018, the marketing team expanded to include Gina (marketing manager) and Anthony (staff writer). They have been instrumental in keeping our channels active and up-leveling our content output to meet the needs of investors and the community. We’re also fostering a closer relationship with the engineering team, making sure all their work is communicated, allowing for people with differing technical skill levels to understand what we’re building and its potential impacts. We have all the pieces and expertise in place for a knockout 2019. Thanks for being a part of this incredible journey.

Content Highlights

Event Highlights

Decentralized Singapore – De/Centralize Singapore was Constellations first public facing event. Wyatt took the stage to present the standout technical talk of the conference. Check out the video below:

TechCrunch Disrupt – In September, Constellation proudly sponsored TechCrunch Disrupt 2018, held in San Francisco, California. During the event, CEO Ben Jorgensen hosted a panel aimed at demystifying recent developments in crypto fundraising, while Wyatt (CTO) and Ryle (VP of Engineering) led a workshop on how to run a node on Constellation’s Testnet. Check out the videos from TC Disrupt below:

Panel: Beyond the ICO: New approaches to fundraising and enterprise investment in blockchain

Running A Node On A Distributed Ledger: Live Demo

Element Group MeetUp – In October, we partnered with Element Group to host a Peer-to-Peer Blockchain Mixer in Santa Monica, CA. The evening started off with brief 20-minute presentations from Ben Jorgensen (CEO, Constellation Labs) and Stan Miroshnik (CEO, Element Group). Ben and Stan outlined the key technologies their firms are currently building and how they fit into the future of the blockchain sector.

Scale By The Bay – Scale By The Bay is the premier conference for developers, software and data engineers. Wyatt and Ryle spoke this year alongside the likes of Martin Odersky (creator of Scala) and Neha Narkhede (Co-Creator of Apache Kafka).

In their talk, “Optimizing Network Topologies with Monadic Execution Contexts”, Wyatt and Ryle discuss real issues in distributed systems recording data in an immutable append-only log in such a way that you cannot forge it. Check out the video below:

Scale By The Bay 2018 – Wyatt Meldman-Floch & Ryle Goehausen

Hyperledger MeetUp – We hosted our first Hyperledger MeetUp in San Francisco this November. At the MeetUp, “Distributed Ledgers and Big Data: Working with Data at Scale”., Wyatt discussed techniques used to scale current data intensive applications and how these techniques can be brought to the protocol layer to ensure far greater measures of data-handling scalability and throughput.

San Francisco Blockchain Week– CEO Ben kicked off Octobers San Francisco Blockchain Week with delicious Blockchain Brunch featuring a spirited, audience-led panel chats. Other guests included Republic, Routefire, SharesPost & Securitize. CTO Wyatt wrapped up the week by participating in a sunset discussion alongside panelists from COTI, Luna Capital, and Hashgraph.

The Blockchain Society & Deloitte Conference – To round up November, CEO Ben Jorgensen presented Constellation’s vision for distributed ledger technology at The Blockchain Society’s conference, hosted in partnership with Deloitte in San Francisco, California. He also spoke on The Future of Mobility Panel along with MOBI and Trusted IoT.

Honda Blockchain Summit– Constellation Ambassador Sebastian Spitzer attended the Honda Blockchain Summit in Berlin this November and presented on our behalf. The event focused on the adoption of DLT in the automotive space. Other participants included Mine Spider, IOTA, and Ocean Protocol, just to name a few. A big thanks to Sebastian for attending!

New Partners

Sutherland Gold

In October, Constellation partnered with Sutherland Gold, Silicon Valley’s premier PR agency who counts, Cloudflare and SurveyMonkey amongst other clients. They have successfully helped launch a number of blockchain businesses, such as Circle. The announcement of our partnership marked a renewed approach to press relations, with an emphasis on enterprise. In our time working together, Sutherland Gold has helped to shape our messaging and has built momentum around our new and existing industry partnerships.

The Blockchain University

November ended with another exciting partnership with The Blockchain University. With over 1,500 certified developers , they boast one of the worlds largest certified blockchain communities in the world. Our partnership with The Blockchain University is focused around utilizing their blockchain certification platform to certify Constellation Ambassadors through an official Constellation Certification test. Once completed, the test is scored and if approved, the Ambassador receives certification through The Blockchain University. This certificate then securely placed on The Blockchain University’s blockchain and managed by the Constellation team.

Phew – What a year it has been! Another big thank you to all of you that have followed Constellation in 2018. This will be our last piece of content for the year, but keep a look out for our “What to Expect in 2019” piece, which will be published the first week of January 2019.

Until then,

The Constellation Team