We’re beyond excited to announce that the Constellation AirDrop registration opens today May 9th.  Please note that all participants will be required to undergo KYC/AML through our token portal once live and the AirDrop is not open to US participants at this time.

A locked up AirDrop will allow the wider community to get involved throughout the course of the year. The first AirDrop is on July 7th with five to follow until December 2018, all tokens will be locked for 6 months. The decision to run an AirDrop as opposed to a public sale came after lengthy internal research and discussions with our legal council. We’re hugely appreciative of all the community support and patience.

We have allocated a total of 30M tokens split evenly across the 6 months. Depending on the number of tokens staked you will enter one of two tiers, community or developer. Each tier will provide a 6-month membership to the community portal and tokens will be staked (locked) for the same period. The launch of the AirDrop registration marks the 2nd phase of our marketing efforts as we shift from general awareness to driving to registration and developer outreach.  Expect to see product overviews of our developer and community portal soon.