Hi Constellation Community,

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 1.42.44 PMConstellation Labs is excited to announce its sponsorship of the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI). Constellation joins the renowned mobility ecosystem which is accelerating the development of blockchain-enabled vehicle data and mobility services standards. The aim of this is to make mobility more efficient, accessible, greener and safer using blockchain related technologies. As seen in the graphic to the right, some of their current partners include BMW, GM, Ford and Bosch, as well as the recent addition of The World Economic Forum (WEF).

MOBI’s Chairman and CEO Chris Ballinger says that “the community is working hard to create a minimum viable ecosystem that aims to standardize blockchain and related technologies to bring transparency and trust to the industry, consumers, and communities while reducing the risk of fraud, frictions and transaction costs in mobility. With the on-boarding of new members, we are adding diversified expertise that ranges from components and vehicle check to insurance, technology solutions, and rewards, as well as more focus on collaboration between private and public sector.”

Benjamin Diggles, VP of Business Development at Constellation Labs, had this to say about the partnership:

“Partnering with the MOBI consortia is key to our core vision of accelerating possibility in the mobility space. Constellation is building a protocol with the ability to usher in enterprise adoption through real world use cases.  We are excited for the myriad of potential applications and to contribute to this world-class organization.”

You can learn more about MOBI on their website, and check out some of the fellow members of MOBI below, ranging from IBM to VeChain.



The Constellation Team