Hello Constellation Community,

We’re overjoyed to announce that the token audit and distribution starts today at 1pm Pacific Time. We’ll be following up with another update as soon as it’s finalized along with further detail on our distribution approach.  We’re hugely proud of the team and thankful to the community for all the support over this busy period. Token distribution marks the soft launch of Orion, our membership portal to the Constellation ecosystem.  Read on for more information on Orion and a round-up of last weeks press and video content. 

Orion is Here


It is official – our community and developer portal Orion is now open. We’ve been stealthy working to provide a platform where the Constellation team, developers, and community members can interact and contribute while being rewarded for their time and expertise. We were not content with distributing our token without creating utility and application and this is the first step. As we move towards testnet and main net in 2019 we want you to shape the future of the decentralized internet. Constellation will provide the framework, tools, and support but the opportunity lies with the individual and community at large.  What Dapps do you want to see prioritized on the platform? What AMA topic would you like to see next? What feedback or suggestions do you have for our base code?  As long as you’re helping build, there are no restrictions as to how and why you get involved. Our doors are open.

There are three tiers based on the number of tokens staked.  First and foremost we want you to be able to explore the platform and forum. There is no investment level needed for this, you simply need to sign up.  Community and developer tiers require tokens and have varying levels of access as outlined below.  A tiered system allows our team to manage requests and Dapp projects effectively. Without some form of gating we would be inundated and unable to build a successful and fully supported community.

The forum has a simple gamified reward scheme.  By engaging you earn points which increase your standing/clout, in turn, these can be exchanged for DAG tokens.  This basic reward structure will create an organic hierarchy of moderators and encourage positive community behavior.  The core Constellation team will also be on hand and active, answering questions, and moderating to allow for a productive and engaging experience.

Orion is currently in its first iteration.  Over the next few months, we will be adding developer documents, video tutorials, testnet information and a job board with active token rewards for completed tasks. Expect a more detailed roadmap in the coming weeks. For now, dive in, start interacting and let us know what you think.

Press & Content

Our VP of Engineering stepped out of the shadows to give a blistering technical breakdown of our vision and approach.  Check out 7:10 for a great explanation of Consensus and 18:20 for details on how we back up and will deliver on fast transactions:


Brendan weighs in on the troubling trend towards centralization evident in the launch of EOS and other platforms. Investing.com and CryptoVest

Ryle turns up again calling out the limitations of Ethereum and why we need new protocols and not patches. Here

The first of our Constellation 101s is up.  If you need some grounding knowledge this will help bring you up to speed. Constellation 101

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