Update: 13 September 2019

 Interview with the ex-CEO of Hello Kitty Ray Rehito Hatoyama

Ray comes from a very strong family in Japan. His Great Grandfather was the prime minister of Japan and his grandfather brought the transistor radio to Sony and ultimately spearheaded Sony’s R and D and a founder of that division). Ray is a global business leader and serves on the board of many companies, including Line Corp, a social networking app, and previously worked at Mitsubishi and went to Harvard for his MBA. Ray is one of Ben’s close friends and advises constellation on global strategy with the use of open networks and open innovation. It is remarkable to see someone of this caliber guide Constellation into the future. This is a big step for the blockchain industry. We will be releasing snippets of the 1 hour conversation next week and you can watch a sneak peek here already: https://youtu.be/Ci4z1Swvyec

Wyatt has been speaking at University of California Los Angeles in front of an excited group of 35 professors and students that were all familiar with his papers. Wyatt then spoke on Tuesday at the Hyperledger Scalability and Performance Workgroup as well.

Engineering made progress in its node stability calibrations and consensus implementation for larger node clusters. Expect more in-depth updates the coming days and weeks leading up to Mainnet. 

Big shoutout to Constellation community member Vito. Vito is currently well underway developing the Mainnet wallet for Constellation. We soon will release first images showcasing his work before the wallet is officially released.