Constellation aims to set the standard in the Federal Government for how agencies securely use and send data. With nearly three years of experience working on the inside, we’re on our way.

We began contracting with the Department of Defense in 2019, only the second blockchain company to do so. In August 2021, backed by support directly from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, we also signed with the United States Air Force to provide data security with the Department of Defense’s commercial partners. The Civil Reserve Air Fleet partner and DoD agencies have stakeholders in Constellation’s native token DAG, securing bandwidth on our Hypergraph Transfer Protocol, or HGTP network.

Managing big data at the federal level requires addressing the big pain point of tech and organizational interoperability. As volumes of data increase, centralized systems are becoming too expensive and too slow, impacting personnel’s ability to make decisions quickly when it matters. Those aren’t security risks sections like the Department of Defense can afford.

Late in January, the Office of Management and Budget announced their Federal strategy to move the U.S. government towards a zero-trust approach to cybersecurity in response to increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. “[T]he Federal Government can no longer depend on conventional perimeter-based defenses to protect critical systems and data,” explains the press release. “The zero trust strategy will enable agencies to more rapidly detect, isolate, and respond to these types of threats.”

This public acknowledgement of the current technology’s shortcomings felt like a significant moment. Zero trust is a huge technological leap that opens the door to partnerships with more Web3 companies. The language used in the positioning of the department’s bigger vision suggests it’s no fluke; that’s the direction they’re heading:

This Administration is continuing to reduce the risk to our nation by taking proactive steps towards a more resilient society. — National Cyber Director Christopher Inglis.

This strategy will serve as the foundation for a paradigm shift in Federal cybersecurity, and provide a model for others to follow.” — Federal Chief Information Security Officer Chris DeRusha

Resilient society? Paradigm shift? That almost sounds like a Web3 company talking.

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