MOBI and the Trusted IoT Alliance (TIoTA) have recently launched a three-year series called the MOBI Grand Challenge (MGC). The MOBI Grand Challenge is a four-month long competition which will demonstrate the potential use-cases of Blockchain in coordinating vehicle movement and improving transportation in urban environments. The ultimate goal is the creation of a viable, decentralized, network of blockchain/DLT connected vehicles which will be able to reliably share data, coordinate behavior and ultimately, improve urban mobility.

Constellation Labs is proud to announce its sponsorship of the MOBI Grand Challenge. Constellation has contributed $DAG to the overall prize pool, which will include over one million dollars of token prizes to be awarded over the three-year Challenge series. Constellation’s Engineering Team is also offering a mentorship, which gives participating teams the ability to message them for specific questions regarding their expertise.

With Constellation’s focus on the Mobility and Autonomous Vehicles markets, we see the MOBI Grand Challenge as a bold and meaningful showcase of the promise of Distributed Ledger Technology,” said Constellation’s VP of Business Development, Benjamin Diggles. “We view our sponsorship and promotion of this event as a way to accelerate developer and enterprise participation to yield the best results possible for a foundation we believe in.”

The launch of MGC took place on October 12 in New Mexico and will end with a public demonstration of selected  technologies at an event hosted by the BMW Group, MOBI community member, in Munich, Germany on February 15, 2019.  

Check out the official video from MOBI:

About the MOBI Grand Challenge:

The MGC is loosely modeled on the 2004 DARPA Grand Challenge, where robotic vehicles competed to autonomously navigate through the Mojave Desert. While the most successful vehicle traveled only 5% of the course, the 2004 event ignited worldwide interest in autonomous cars and launched billions of dollars capital investment. Just eighteen months later, when the event was repeated, five vehicles completed the full course and 22 of the 23 teams surpassed the best result of the previous year.

The challenge includes, but is not limited to exchanging data and payments with other vehicles and infrastructure; operating in a tokenized environment by registering assets and payments on a public or permissioned ledger; negotiating rights of way, access, and use of infrastructure in a cooperative and distributed ecosystem; adjusting behavior to maximize efficiency from providing services, buying fuel, managing pollution, congestion and carbon footprint, etc. Winning teams will be expected to demonstrate how blockchains and related technologies – distributed ledgers, cryptography, tokens, and consensus mechanisms can leverage the high-speed connections and computing power of future vehicles to make mobility safer, cleaner, faster, more efficient and accessible.

MOBI has selected The Blockchain Society (TBS) to assist with organizing the Grand Challenge. TBS works behind the scenes with innovative startups and projects to advance blockchain technology integration in the mainstream.  For more information on TBS, visit

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