Hi Constellation Community,

In the interest of transparency we’re providing a  break down of the internal structure of each round of token sale in the Constellation SAFT and private sales that occured in both January 2018 and June 2018 respectively.

Please review this document in conjunction with our formal token model which can be downloaded here.

These figures are currently being formally audited by our accountants in San Francisco and Cayman. These will be updated in around 8 weeks time if there are any changes and formally published during August as a PDF report.

These figures represent all tokens that were sold to the public in the previously mentioned tranches of tokens sales, they do not include earlier seed rounds where tokens are locked for 2 years with 6 month cliffs and remain locked. 

As can be seen the discounts ranged from 15% up to 50% for a very small allocation of tokens that went to partner applications being built on Constellation. The bulk of tokens were sold with a 25% discount in the January SAFT sale.

Ethereum lock in rates:

January 2018: $900 USD

June 2018: $561.20 USD

The total raised was slightly above the hard cap of $33.7M and totaled $35,260,238.41 and was paid by a majority of Ethereum, although some payments were received in BTC and USD. The breakdown of which will be released with a the full accountancy audit.

Please click here to review the information in a public Google Sheet.This information will be superseded by a formal audit from our accountants that will take place over the next 8-12 weeks and made public once completed. Any discrepancies will be corrected in a follow-up PDF report. 

We will follow this blog post up with a token release schedule graph which will show the release of tokens from locked wallets over the next 10 years including validator rewards.

Happy Monday!

Kind regards,

Brendan Playford