Hello Constellation Community –

As per our last update, much of the first half of this year is purely focused on our B2B business/revenue model. Our pilot program has a diverse range of enterprise applications such as:

  • open network security for sensors
  • remote vehicle orchestration
  • optimal network routing.

Our next quarter is about:

  • growing our developer community,
  • on-boarding more businesses,
  • on-boarding varying agencies of the United States government

The publicly available MainNet is currently on track to be delivered in Q3 of 2019.


  • Advances toward configurable light nodes
  • Dynamic partitioning.
  • Implementation of our reputation system and economic model.
  • New node UI with interactive deployment, interaction with state applications, and a force directed graph view of our data dependency graph.

Wyatt’s paper on Blockchain Cohomology was accepted into the conference on Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systems and Processes. This summit brings together people working on theory and practice of analysis of complex systems in different domains and industries to encourage technology transfer from cutting edge research to business critical and safety-critical systems.

Read his original paper here.

View his audio accompanied slides here

Getting involved

We encourage developers who have experience with Big Data tools (such as the Apache suite, Databricks, Cloudera, etc.) to join our developer community. Moreover, you will be able to work with our partners and us on a variety of infrastructure, mobility, and mission-critical systems applications. Our contributors are crucial to the helpful review of our core product, as well as augment the feedback we receive from commercial and government entities.

Sign up here:Β https://constellationnetwork.io/developer-signup/

Bonus points for devs who have experience in Big Data or are familiar with Spark, Hadoop, Storm, Kafka, Cloudera, Databricks, etc. Please share with your friends!


AL Brown, CCO