You may have noticed we’ve been quieter across our community and social channels of late.  As our clients and partnerships ramp up we’ve made a conscious decision to shift our focus solely to engineering and business development needs.  Over the next two quarters our consumer facing marketing efforts will go ‘dark’ as the core team focuses exclusively on B2B marketing materials that provide enterprise clients with the information they need to build pilots and integrate applications.  Over the next few months please expect a lower cadence in newsletters, social activity, and community content as our business and engineering efforts go into overdrive as we provide ample application support to those developing on the Constellation Network.

We have built ground breaking technology and we will be focusing on revealing clients, partnerships, and notable announcements when it is strategic. Tech companies as a whole don’t announce engineering milestones and every partnership – but instead deploy case studies and use cases based on consent. We strive to be a tactful and maturing business over the course of the year and with that we aim to be professional in every way possible.


Ben Jorgensen, CEO



While 2018 saw Constellation join a pair of influential blockchain consortiums in MOBI and HyperLedger, we didn’t want to stop there. While these consortiums are focused on scaling blockchain tech to differing degrees, we felt that there was still a void to be filled in the space. We’re proud to announce the formation of the Scalable Protocol Alliance (SPA), which brings together leading blockchain protocols with the shared vision of building next-generation Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) focused on interoperability and cross protocol integrations. Each member of SPA wants to expedite the adoption of DLT and blockchain tech by working together to flesh out proof of concepts, shared application development, and combining developer and marketing resources. The inaugural members of SPA include Constellation, COTI, BXB, Bucket, MIDO, Wanchain, Black Edge Capital & ORBS, and the group officially launched on January 17th, 2019.

Check out Constellation’s Official Announcement and the SPA website for more details, and follow along on Twitter.


The engineering team has been hard at work rolling out  our application support and upgrading the node UI.


Our Testnet recently stabilized, we have completed documentation for node operators, and have started onboarding node operators in our Discord channel. Sign up to run node by registering via the form below:

Register to Run a Node


Constellation has launched its new website, with a few things worth mentioning. We are proud to announce Constellation’s readiness of data notarization, which creates a compelling solution, at scale, for data validation, provenance, governance, and hygiene challenges. Expect to hear and see more on this solution as the weeks progress. From gathering user feedback we also enhanced the curation of our blog, provided direct access to our Github account and displayed all the various ways to stay connected to the Constellation team. Thanks so much for all your comments and keep the feedback coming.


MOBI Colloquium
Munich, Germany

Members of our team will be attending MOBI’s Colloquium hosted by the BMW Group. MOBI Grand Challenge winners will be announced at the event.

02.20 – 02.24.2019
Developer Week
San Francisco, California
Wyatt (CTO) and Ryle (VP of Engineering) will be speaking at Developer Week in San Francisco, California. Stay tuned for more details.

Until next time.


The Constellation Team