Dear Constellation Community,

There’s been a whirlwind of activity as we head into the end of November.  The engineering team have been presenting at some of San Francisco’s leading tech conferences, connecting with some of the brightest minds in the valley while continuing to deliver against our roadmap as we move closer to Testnet V2.  The Constellation ambassador program continues to grow, with Sebastian Spitzer presenting on our behalf at the Honda Blockchain Summit in Berlin. For a summary of the events, node registration and links to recent press, read on.

Recent Events

Scale By The Bay

Last week, Wyatt and Ryle presented at Scale By The Bay in San Francisco. In their talk, “Optimizing Network Topologies With Monadic Execution Contexts”, they discussed the real issues in distributed systems recording data in an immutable append-only log in such a way that you cannot forge it.  We’ll have a video of the presentation coming your way soon, but in the meantime you can check out the slides from the talk here.

Wyatt was also asked back by SBTB to speak on the closing panel this past Saturday which discussed Cloud, Edge, and IoT. Other participants included Haoyuan Li (Alluxio), Roman V Shaposhnik (Rhatr), Holden Karau (Google Cloud), and Alexy Khrabrov (Trusted IoT).

Honda Blockchain Summit

Also last week, Constellation Ambassador Sebastian Spitzer attended the Honda Blockchain Summit in Berlin and presented on our behalf. The event focused on the adoption of DLT in the automotive space. Other participants included Mine Spider, IOTA, and Ocean Protocol, just to name a few. A big thanks to Sebastian for attending!

Community Survey

We’d like to get to know our community better in order to tailor our weekly content output.  Please take a few moments to fill out a quick questionnaire:

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Running a Node

Our Testnet recently stabilized. If you haven’t registered to run a node already, you can do so now by filling out the form below:

Register to Run a Node

Upcoming Events

Blockchain Society SF Conference , November 28th, San Francisco, California

CEO Ben will be speaking at a special conference exclusively for investors, regulators, corporate and blockchain thought leaders, hosted by The Blockchain Society in partnership with Deloitte.

Developer Week, February 20-24th 2019, SF Bay Area, California

 Engineering Updates

  • Cluster size increasing – Testing on 15 and testing larger sizes throughout the week.
  • Improvement:Snapshot misalignment – Snapshot misalignment caused by download.
  • Operator Rollout Testing – Tested across 7 regions (globe). Multiple join/leaves and cluster stable.
  • Download – Small incremental fixes/improvements as we test different scenarios. Getting faster and faster.

Recent Articles

Biomimicry in Blockchain: How Constellation’s Design Is Based On Natural SystemsWe recently sat down with Wyatt (CTO) to understand what fuels his underlying engineering ethos based around integrating natural law into Constellation – a revolutionary and unlike any other approach in the blockchain space.

How Constellation is Different Than Blockchain–  In a followup to our recently published business whitepaper, Wyatt (CTO) explains how Constellation verifies and validates transactions.

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The Constellation Team