Announcing – Element Group Partnership

Constellation has recently announced a strategic partnership with the Element Group, a full-service advisory firm for the digital token capital markets. We’ll be utilizing the Element Group’s Valence platform—a unique and fully integrated technology platform that is designed to conduct safe, compliant and user-oriented token sales—to conduct our upcoming AirDrop campaign.

Our COO, Ben Jorgensen, had this to say about the partnership:

“Utilizing Valence to power Constellation’s AirDrop allows us to implement our innovative and large-scale model that will grow our developer and community member base, on-boarding thousands of users in a unique and exciting manner.”

Addressing Token Price – Brendan Playford CEO

Our CEO, Brendan Playford, had an update to share regarding DAG’s price, and to address any concerns regarding the value of the token roughly one month post-launch.

“As many of you know, we have had two factors that affected our launch strategy.

  1. A large institutional investor dumping tokens on both new exchanges we have listed on (IDEX and Kucoin)
  2. The overall seven-month bear trend we may be finally leaving.

This particular investors exit has been damaging to price, but the individual is almost finished selling his entire account on the market. We are in active conversations with him to further try and control the situation.

We made the decision to launch at the bottom of a bear market because technically, as evidenced by this past weeks rally and subsequent breakout of BTC from its seven-month decline, there are indicators that we could be in for a rally until the end of the year. This is still speculative, but it is looking like the start of a positive market bias. This launch allowed us to have a complete focus on delivering our testnet and updating our business whitepaper for the community on August 1st.

This downtrend bottom shakes out uninterested investors and brings in new blood to the token – we have gone from 1000 holders at launch to 1985 holders as of today – a doubling of wallets in a month is very positive for DAGs adoption. We will continue to update this as a key metric for DAG adoption as we grow the network.

On top of this, we have our testnet release, new exciting business partnerships, advisors, and the release of our new business whitepaper that all come at the beginning of August. This phase of development will bring significant confidence to token holders as they start to see our vision come to life”.

New Team Members 

Constellation is continuing to grow. With the addition of this week’s new hires, Anthony and Sasha, we are now a team of 30 strong!






Anthony Scarpulla, Staff Writer

Anthony took the “crypto red pill” back in October of 2017. With a B.A in Creative Writing & Journalism from the University of Miami, he parlayed his drive and passion for the crypto industry into a Lead Writer role with Cryptocurrency Investing, the most active cryptocurrency group on all of Facebook. There, he interviewed over a dozen ICO founders, ranging from companies like CanYa and Experty, to Swytch, Rentberry and Coinmetro.

Recently, he served as the Senior Crypto Strategist for Verma Media, a crypto PR firm that specializes in helping ICO’s gain brand awareness across all spectrums. Anthony joins the Constellation team as Staff Writer where he will be tasked with creating original content to be shared across media channels in the form of weekly blog posts and long form content detailing everything from team to tech updates. He will also be on hand to aid in editorializing content from our team members to help build authority and thought leadership amongst us all.






Sasha Bazjek, Front-End Engineer

Sasha is a front-end engineer with a passion for building things, a tendency towards detail, and an obsession with accessibility. She is a former structural engineer having helped design bridges for clients across North America. When Sasha wasn’t designing bridges, she was creating awesome web-based games, supporting non-profits by volunteering her coding skills, and working as a freelance web developer. Sasha is very excited to be a part of Constellation and will be working with the product team on the development of the Orion Portal, marketing website, and any other future projects that require a user interface.

Constellation DAG Airdrop

As we approach distribution on the 23rd here is a quick update on what participants can expect:

Airdrop recipients will receive DAG this week, starting on July 24th and completing on July 27th.

Airdrop recipients will receive an email inviting them to sign up for Constellation’s Orion portal. Users should use the email address used for the KYC process.

Once registered with a confirmed email address, airdrop recipients will see a special AIRDROP DAG section on the Orion portal where they can access their tokens.  

DAG distributed via airdrop have a six-month lockup period in which users may not withdraw these tokens. Recipients may verify that tokens have been assigned to them in the Airdrop section of the Orion portal. Recipients may also check the number of tokens allocated to their wallet address on the holding contract directly on the Ethereum blockchain.

Six months after receiving tokens, users are eligible to withdraw these tokens into the wallet they used while registering for the airdrop. Details on the withdrawal process will be made available closer to the first unlock date. 

DAG locked in the holding contract may be used while locked up for the purposes of upgrading an Orion community portal account. To do so, click the “Upgrade my account with my Airdrop DAG” button on the Orion portal. Once upgraded, an Airdrop recipient may not downgrade their account until the lockup period is complete. After the lockup period completes, an Airdrop recipient may downgrade their account and withdraw their DAG as usual.

Upcoming Events

Ben and Brendan will be in New York presenting at Fintech Week from July 31st – August 2nd.  Let us know if you’re in town and want to meet!  We’ll be sharing information on our speaking engagements early next week.

Until next week.


The Constellation Team


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