Engineering Update


  1. Updated the Github readme with new instructions for building and running a constellation node. Going forward we’ll be supporting docker containers as our recommended way of running a node.
  2. Engineering spent several days planning roadmap for the next 6 months, and breaking down initiatives into sprint-sized tasks.

FAQ on upcoming Airdrop 2


Over 450,000 DAG were distributed in the last week of July during the first Orion Airdrop. If you registered for the KYC process, you’ve got tokens ready and waiting for you! Our next AirDrop is right around the corner. Registrants will receive an email on the 14th of August and will need to complete KYC by the 19th of August. In addition to the AirDrop 2 KYC email, we will be informing everyone of which AirDrop round they have been allocated.

To access your tokens, you’ll need to use the email address and wallet address you used to sign up for the Airdrop and KYC process.

If you’ve already got an Orion account registered with that email address, just log into Orion with that email address. You’ll see a new “Airdrop” tab in the sidebar where you can access your tokens.

If you’ve already got an Orion account but it’s registered with a different email than the one you used for the airdrop, you can still access your tokens. Just go to the “Settings” screen and change your email address to the one used in the Airdrop, and verify the email.

If you don’t have an Orion account, just sign up for a new account using that email address here. You’ll see the “Airdrop” tab appear at left.

Below, we’ve answered some common questions around the AirDrop process.

When will I see the new DAG appear in my wallet?

The tokens are currently in a six-month lockup period. At the end of the lockup period in early February, these tokens can be withdrawn to your wallet directly by going to the “Airdrop” tab in Orion and clicking the “withdraw DAG” button.

Can I use my airdropped DAG during the lockup period?

Yes! You can stake the airdropped tokens to register for an Orion account. Just go to the “Airdrop” tab and follow the instructions there to stake the airdropped DAG.

I already have a Developer or Community account, but I want to use my Airdropped DAG to register instead. How can I do this?

It’s easy. Just go to the “Settings” screen to downgrade your account to the free tier. Your originally-staked DAG will be returned to your original wallet. Now, go to the Airdrop tab and follow your instructions to stake your airdropped tokens.

Can I withdraw Airdropped tokens later, even if I use them to upgrade to a Developer account now?

Yes. Once the lockup period is complete, you can unstake the tokens and withdraw them.

Do I have to use the same wallet address I used when going through the KYC process?

Yes. Tokens have been airdropped against a specific wallet address

Testnet Overview


It’s been a week since we launched our code and Testnet. We recently sat down with the engineering team for a deeper dive into our code and visualization. Read the full story in our latest blog post, and watch the interview below:


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