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Coming off of a busy couple of weeks of events, we’ve got lots to share with you all — including recaps of Wyatt’s panel at SFBW, our LA MeetUp with Element Group, as well as a video from the recent FinTech panel in Portland. We also have Engineering and Airdrop 4 Updates along with a new exchange listing, upcoming events, and recent articles.

Read on for all that and more, but first, a quick announcement about the frequency of our Weekly Updates. We’ll be switching over to a bi-monthly cadence of these emails, so you’ll receive the next one in two week’s time. Developer and Airdrop updates will be sent separately.

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Engineering Updates


Snapshots form the basis for finality in our protocol. It’s the last puzzle piece to our nodes.


Resolution encapsulates the process of ‘stitching’ together data into a DAG. The data in this case are Bundles of Transactions.

Conflict Handling

In the case of a conflicting Bundle, we need to apply a logic to decide which to keep.

Node Stability

Memory issues causing nondeterministic crashing have been fixed

Auth and Join/Leave

Joining and leaving our cluster requires notarization with all nodes.

Data Store Cleanup

Our database interface has been updated and is much friendlier to use.

Wyatt at SFBW

Wyatt (CTO) wrapped up San Francisco Blockchain Week by speaking on the Next Generation Protocols panel at a Scalability event hosted by OK Capital, Luna Capital, Kosmos Capital, and Republic!

Other panel members included Shahaf Bar-Geffen (CEO, COTI), Lindsey Maule (Founding Director, Luna Capital), and Kyle Armour (Director of Technical Partnerships, Hashgraph).

Element Group

Last week we partnered with Element Group to host a Peer-to-Peer Blockchain Mixer in Santa Monica, CA. The evening started off with brief 20-minute presentations from Ben Jorgensen (COO, Constellation Labs) and Stan Miroshnik (CEO, Element Group). Ben and Stan outlined the key technologies their firms are currently building and how they fit into the future of the blockchain sector.

Thanks to everyone who came out, and to our friends at Element group for hosting us. This marks the first of regular LA MeetUps.

FinTech and Product Innovation Panel

Our VP of Business Development, Benjamin Diggles, recently spoke on a panel in Portland, Oregon titled “FinTech Product Innovation and the Intersection with Blockchain”. Check out what he, Shamir Karkal (Founder and CEO Sila; Co-Founder, Simple Bank) and Christian Maynard-Philipp (COO, Third Party) had to say about the topic in the video below:

Cryptochats presents FinTech Product Innovation & Blockchain tech meet up

Airswap Listing

We’re happy to announce our new Constellation Space on AirSwap! Users can now make any size OTC trades of DAG to KYC/AML-verified users with no counter-party risk. 

Airdrop 4 Update

Emails kickstart ing AirDrop 4 KYC process went out last week.  If your application is still pending, please don’t worry.  Our legal team is reviewing through to early next week. Expect a response soon! If you have any AirDrop related questions, visit our AirDrop FAQ  post.


World Crypto Con, October 31-Nov 2, Las Vegas, Nevada

Hyperledger MeetUp SF, November 12, San Francisco, California – Details to come.

Scale by the Bay, November 15-17, San Francisco, California

Recent Articles

A Look at the Past Year in Blockchain

2018 has been an exciting year for blockchain and DLT. Give our latest blog post, Trends From The Trenches, a read for a deeper look at the major trends in the space, and how Constellation fits into some of them.

5 Reasons Why Blockchain Technology is Failing at Mass Consumer Adoption

COO Ben weighs in on the five obstacles we need to solve before blockchain technology can achieve true widespread adoption, as originally outlined by Deloitte. Give it a read on Medium.

We’re Hiring!

Constellation is looking for a Distributed Systems Engineer to join the Core engineering team building a third generation DAG protocol that uses reputation based consensus.

The perfect candidate has an in-depth understanding of distributed systems, distributed consensus, and hands-on experience building and testing data intensive applications at scale.

You will work directly with the Core engineering team and will be a key part of the protocol development.

Think you’d be a good fit? View the full job listing and apply here!


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