Dear Constellation Community,

It’s hard to believe that the year is almost over. The past couple of weeks have been as exciting as always — our node operator program launched, engineering achieved partitioning, and our first Constellation holiday party took place. This will be our last bi-monthly newsletter of the year, but look out next week for our review of 2018 and what to look out for in 2019.  Read on for more…

Engineering Updates

The engineering team recently achieved partitioning, a significant milestone as we approach parachains and the ability for multiple networks to function within Constellation.  We sat down with Wyatt (CTO) to get a breakdown of the development and the next steps towards dynamic partitioning.

Node Operators

Docs completed

Ongoing testing for download instability



Partitioning demo (dirty) completed.

Tokenomics paper nearly done.

Next stop app support.

Planning/spec’ing out app support.

Running a Node

Our Testnet recently stabilized, we have completed documentation for node operators, and have started onboarding node operators in our Discord channel. Sign up to run node by registering via the form below:

Register to Run a Node

Constellation Holiday Party

Last week, Constellation team members got together in San Francisco for our first annual holiday gathering. If you tuned into our Instagram stories, you may have seen that we were out doing some charity work at Build-A-Bear as a part of the event.  The team took time to align on 2019 goals and reflect on the successes and learnings of 2018. We’re formalizing this content in an end of year update alongside video interviews of the team. Look out for these next week.

MOBI Grand Challenge

A reminder that Constellation is a partner in the MOBI grand challenge.  We’re offering prize money, and our very own Wyatt is a mentor for the 20+ projects involved. Watch the below video for more information and you can submit an application here.

MOBI Channel Call

On Wednesday of this week, Ben Jorgensen (CEO) and Wyatt Meldman-Floch (CTO) were asked to present on MOBI’s weekly channel call.  The presentation gave an overview of our technology focusing on applications in the automotive space. We’ll be releasing a similar presentation in the coming weeks outlining our approach to the automotive space.

Upcoming Events

Developer Week, February 20-24th 2019, SF Bay Area, California – Wyatt and Ryle will be speaking at Developer Week, the World’s Largest Developer Expo & Conference. More info to come.

Recent Press

Constellation Labs To Use Blockchain University’s Certification Platform For Ambassador Program  – BlockTribune has covered our recent partnership with The Blockchain University

Constellation Labs Focuses on ‘Setting a Foundation’ – CEO Ben Jorgensen discusses Constellation’s background, milestones and proactive approach towards setting a foundation for success with ThirtyK.

What To Look Out For

Over the next couple of weeks, as we prepare to wrap up 2018 and kick off 2019, be on the lookout for a couple of in-depth blog posts. We will be publishing A Year in Review piece, recapping our highlights of 2018. Following that, we will be releasing “What to Expect in 2019” summarizing what we have in store for the year ahead.


Until Next Time,

The Constellation Team