Hello Constellation Community,

Last week was quite the ride with token distribution and a testnet demo. Here’s a roundup of all the updates and as well as new team members and community announcements.  Read on for more.

New Channels

We do not wish to influence organic speculation in one way or another so we do not discuss trading within our official channels. We actively encourage community members to join or create trading groups if they wish to discuss those topics- similar to what our community member has done with his trading group here: https://t.me/constellationtrader

New Team Members

Our team continues to grow with incredible talent joining the business development, engineering, and product teams. 









Ian Smith – VP of Growth

Ian has 12 years of international experience encompassing marketing, sales, and business development. A key leader at various successful hardware and software startups, purposeful growth has defined his career. Ian built the world’s largest drone data app market and will be focusing on growing our developer and Orion community and eventual Constellation application market. He’s also a commercial helicopter pilot, and hosts a podcast, Commercial Drones FM.









Tyler Prete – Distributed System Engineer

Tyler has 10 years of engineering experience at Backcountry.com, Google, and most recently as a technical director at Radius Intelligence. His experience spans this spectrum, but his favorite paradigms to work in are functional programming and distributed systems.









James Markotic – Web Developer

A motivated Full Stack Web Developer with a passion for creating web applications and websites. Adept at working with diverse teams to implement projects. Enjoys the challenge of learning and implementing new technologies.  James will be focused on building seamless web experiences for our users.

Testnet Demo

We released the first demo of our testnet.  Read more and Watch the video with Wyatt, Brendan and Ryle.:

Token Distribution

We released several updates this week announcing and clarifying our token distribution launch.  Here is a roundup of those updates and links to distribution press coverage.

Distribution Announcement – $DAG Token Distribution & Product Focus Strategy

$DAG Distribution – Address Market Event


Yahoo Biz Constellation Distributes DAG Token & Launches Flagship Product, Orion, to Mobilize Developer Community


AirDrop Announcement – Registration Closed

We’ve hit over 62,000 registrations and the Constellation 2018 AirDrop is now officially closed to new applicants.  The response has been phenomenal and we’re thankful for everyone who signed up and spread the word.

Read More

That’s a roundup of last week.  Stay tuned for further updates.


The Constellation Team