The community reaction to the launch of our codebase has been phenomenal. We’ve been flooded with questions, requests and offers to review our code across all our channels. We’re delighted with the response to the Engineering teams tireless work, and it’s been a highly satisfying few days post-launch. The debut of our code was coupled with the release of our testnet visualization, which has generated a wave of press and industry interest in only a matter of days. Keep those questions and ideas coming! Keep in mind that during this busy period it may take a bit more time for us to respond, but our dedicated team of community managers will get back to you. For AirDrop, press, event, and product news, read on….

Brion Product Update – Brion Hickey VP of Product

Aug 1st, 2018

This small push helped polish the end user experience across various funnels. We also added enhancements to the invite feature.

  • Added support email address on reset password screen to help surface issues.
  • Enabled end user to invite by email.  
  • Disable Unlink when signed up with a social account to enhance signup flow.

July 31st, 2018

We are thrilled to announce the initial AirDrop launched successfully. This is the 1st AirDrop of 6, and we found parts of the end user experience we can improve upon. This week, we focused on streamlining this experience to provide value to the end user.

  • We added front end validation for airdrop users to avoid invalid address.
  • There were many misspellings found. We fixed various typos to give additional clarity to visitors.
  • As we leverage MetaMask for various aspects of Orion, we changed the copy of the cancel Metamask transaction to match the Metamask UI.
  • We updated a few social auth designs. We did this for linking and unlinking of profile info and also on the settings page.

AirDrop Update:

Constellation’s 2nd AirDrop is approaching on August 14th.  Prior to this AirDrop, all registered members will receive an email notifying them which of the five remaining AirDrops they will be placed into, as well as a detailed FAQ on how to access your tokens and stake them on Orion. For further information on the AirDrop schedule, check out our blog post here.

Constellation at FinTech Week NY

The team was in New York for Fintech Week. Our COO Ben Jorgensen sat on a panel alongside Jack J. Bensimon of the Blockchain Exchange Commission, Dan Drees of AvidXchange, and AI and Blockchain Advisor, Yannis Kalfoglou,  speaking about “The Future of Financial Institutions”.

The panel touched on where financial institutions have implemented blockchain, AI, and payment tech successfully, but also where they need to improve. Panelists weighed in on the benefits of blockchain adoption—citing reduced costs, improved efficiency, increased liquidity, and enhanced security—as well as the obstacles of blockchain adoption, including technical hurdles, legal issues, the need for regulatory approval and managing a trade-off between short-term investments vs. long-term potential gains.

We’ll be releasing video content from the event in the near future, so be sure to keep an eye on our channels.

Media Mentions

This week, Altif Brown (CCO) and Emily Arth (VP of Operations) weighed in on Silicon Valley’s persisting diversity issues.

Emily quoted in NullTX

Altif in OurWeekly

Altif article on Blavity

Look out for more AirDrop news later this week. Until then, be sure to follow us on the following channels! 

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The Constellation Team