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With our recent KuCoin listing and Testnet announcement, we’ve experienced a flood of international press across CCN, Bitcoinist, Cointelegraph among many others.  If you haven’t kept a close eye on our social channels, we’ve collated some of the highlights below alongside an opinion piece by our very own Ryle on China’s mining crisis and a recent AMA with Brendan, Wyatt, and Ryle. This weeks press momentum coincided with our first of six community AirDrops and updates to our developer portal Orion. Read on for more…

Recent Press

Bitcoinist – Horizontally scalable blockchain lists token and launches flagship product

CCN – High throughput blockchain list on KuCoin and opens up bounty program to developers

Cointelegraph – Horizontally scalable blockchain system launched flagship membership portal.

News BTC – Blockchain platform for creating large consumer application aims at an exchange

Bitsonline – Coinbase CTO on Crypto Userbase: ’60x Growth’ May Be Coming

Community AMA

Brendan, Wyatt and Ryle take time to answer some pressing community questions on the Testnet, roadmap, marketing and node visualization.

“There are 10 years of rewards planned, what will incentivize the network after this time?”, “what industries would be beneficial for constellation?”, “I’d like to know more about the general marketing strategy, at the 10,000ft level.”



Orion v1.52 Release

A lot has changed since Orion launched.  The community is thriving with posts/questions monitored and tracked by the team. New features are continually rolling out, and this week marks the first of regular Orion updates. The focus this week has been on security and messaging.  See a summary of the updates below and reach out directly on Orion with any questions or feature requests:

  1. Boosted security settings across Orion portal. Signups now use Recaptcha to prevent bot activity.
  2. Individuals who have closed Orion accounts will now see a specific message.
  3. Added new test cases for verifying if inactive user cannot logout.
  4. Notifications went live.
  5. Occasional error and warning reports mentioned by users were eliminated.
  6. Intercom integration was issued.

July 5th 2018:

  • Send user notification on transaction cancelation at rq job.
  • Retire jobs page, link to forum, Retire jobs page, link to forum remove recaptched debug
  • Updated method to update email acc to use built-in method.
  • Updated method to update email acc to use built-in method.
  • Add recaptcha to signup
  • Add recaptcha to signup transaction

 Ryle Goehausen on the need for Universal Node Access.

Following a flood this week in the Chinese province of Sichuan, the so-called “bitcoin mining capital of China”, crypto trade outlets around the world began reporting that the resulting destruction of thousands of mining rigs were directly linked to a decline in the Bitcoin network’s hashrate from 43TH/s to around 30TH/s. As a majority of Chinese bitcoin mining systems are located in Sichuan, some outlets have even gone so far as to claim that this flood could increase the global demand for new graphics cards, raising their prices….

Read the article on 8btc here

AirDrop update

If you were selected for the first AirDrop make sure to complete the KYC process by Monday next week.  Don’t worry if your application is still pending,  if your application is in review we’ll get back to you. Prior to the next AirDrop on August the 14th we’ll be sending emails notifying which of the 6 AirDrops registrants have been allocated.  For more info read our AirDrop schedule here. 

Until next week.


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