I want to start off this week’s update with some appreciation for the amazing community that has been built so far around Constellation. I feel very humbled by the overwhelming support for our project and the passionate community that has grown organically around us….

It’s been some time since I’ve able to provide an in-depth update on what we’ve been working on. There are some exciting updates and important changes to timelines, so, read on and chat to us in our Telegram channel if you have any questions. The process of building an A-list team and creating the foundation for a world-class organization is well underway. Since the release of Wyatt’s first technical whitepaper last year, we have been methodically moving towards delivering our vison for Constellation as the world’s first mobile-compatible, distributed operating system – a system that will connect any user with a mobile device to a horizontally scalable mesh-network of distributed computing. I am planning on making more frequent updates as we move forward so stay tuned.

Roadmap and Timelines

I would like to provide a clear update to our current roadmap and outline some changes that we have made considering market and regulatory conditions. We have just onboarded Wachsman as our PR partner and our Head of Marketing, Zac, is working closely with them on an upcoming press release that will formally kick off our marketing roadmap.

Token Generation Event

We had originally planned to hold our token generation event at the end of Q1 2018, which would have been on or around the end of March or beginning of April. However, due to current regulatory concerns and the bearish sentiment on the market, we are focused on releasing the Constellation token to the community under anticipated optimum conditions in the first two weeks of May 2018.

Developer & Community Portal – Orion

Orion is a membership portal that users are granted access to if they own a certain amount of Constellation tokens, akin to a membership. The tokens are staked in a wallet to gain access to certain features and services that will be used to build Constellation and incentivize community participation in the Constellation ecosystem.

Led by our VP of Product Engineering, Michael Salmon, who helped build the Verizon App Store and Verizon Developer Portal – our flagship product Orion will become the gateway and membership portal to the Constellation ecosystem. By staking Constellation tokens, token holders will be able to gain membership access to the portal. Within the portal, token holders will be able to work on GitHub issues, offer marketing services, as well as provide community support in return for tokens.

The vision of Orion is to enable Constellation to scale in a truly decentralized fashion. The Constellation Core team will curate the network while enabling the community to help shape, build, and grow the ecosystem. Depending on the membership level, there will be additional services such as a support desk for users and developers as well as access to developer tools. The Constellation testnet will be launched through Orion and will provide a safe testing environment for all future core and partner development on Constellation. The portal will launch at the time of the Token Generation Event which is currently being planned for the beginning of May.

Broadly speaking the value of the token can be broken into two distinct phases.

Membership access token for the Orion user portal that will offer the following resources:

  1. Developer documentation and Wiki
  2. Developer support desk (tiered support based on membership level)
  3. Developer tools (when test-net is launched)
  4. Developer bounties for building ACI’s (Application Chain Interface’s)

Mainnet Token; the Constellation mainnet token will be required to use our infinitely scalable mesh-net of computation. Fundamentally, the token’s basic use boils down to the following:

  1. Validator rewards are issued to nodes that participate in consensus rounds and validate the network. These rewards are currently set to last 10yrs.
  2. SLA escrow is staked by nodes that host microservices (ACI’s) on Constellation.
  3. Microservice fee payments for rewarding nodes that host SLA enforced ACI’s on Constellation.
  4. Staking atomic swaps between parachains on Constellation which allows for an economically backed, globally-coherent data structure.
  5. A no-fee infinitely scalable, global payment infrastructure with mobile compatible nodes that unlocks an onramp for the world’s unbanked.

Constellation Testet

The Constellation testnet has been scheduled for release in late June 2018 along with the publication of three formal definitions of our consensus architecture. The drafts of these papers are currently undergoing peer review and we are looking for additional academic contributors for this process. If you would like to contribute to the process, please reach out to us in Telegram. All academic contributors will be compensated for their contribution by way of Constellation tokens. As is the case in any development process, delays to this timeline will be carefully conveyed to the community in advance.

Constellation Maine

We had originally intended for the Constellation mainnet to be released in Q4 2018. As we approach our TGE, we have decided to tentatively firm up this date to January 2019. As we build out our Engineering and Product teams, we will start formally publishing the specifications that will be expected at each milestone between June 2018 and January 2019.

This concludes my update. In the next one, I plan to cover the following topics in detail. If you have any questions and would likee to join the community please join us on Telegram.

  1. Market Sentiment
  2. Token Generation Event specifics
  3. Product Update
  4. Engineering Update
  5. Team Update

Have a great weekend.


Brendan Playford