Hello Constellation Community,

We’re gathering pace as we approach token distribution on the 18th of June.  All cylinders are firing with a global awareness campaign launching on Tuesday consisting of a series of short social videos that explain the core features of our protocol. These will be supported with translated subtitles across key markets. Check out the first video in this blog update.

Our developer platform Orion has soft launched and we’d like to thank all the community involved in QA’ing and debugging the platform as we lead up to the main launch. Stay tuned for updates on bounty’s and documentation soon to go live.  for now, dive into the forum.

Read on to find out how we’re celebrating 20,000 users on our main channel, engineering updates and event news.

Tech Update

Here’s a quick summary of what the teams been getting their teeth into.  Jump into the developer section of our forum if you have any questions:

Ryle (VP of Engineering)

We’ve been working on refactoring the data layer to make cross-actor communications simpler. We’ve added more metrics to API / UI including endpoints for node key management configurations and accompanying form on dashboard. We can now send test transactions from the UI easily and set a node’s key pair to demo the full flow. There’s been more work on gossip bundles. Upgrading the linear gossip observation chains to fully generic bundles of arbitrary depth and subtypes. We’ve made progress on simple implementation of Asynchronous Common Sub-Bundle (ACSB) for determining the ‘most popular common bundle’ embedded in each node’s gossip stream finding common sub-bundles among all observed gossip using MapReduce style combiners with simple rules to merge and re-emit bundles. There’s been preparation for integrations between gossip / consensus. We started setting up kube test cluster reconfiguration to avoid port conflicts between pods by using IP forwarding.

New address format example: 0xDAG5ZTe31ysjikEgREqnf9CQR2KVYv3pfxV5NQZY

This has a prefix header of DAG to make network address verification easier. We also added a parity bit to allow double checking by hand. The prefix is DAG5 for this address, 5 is the parity direct sum for the other integers. You can verify the address is correct by looking for all the digits in it and adding them up as a direct sum. i.e. 3+1+9+2+3+5 = 23 ; 2 + 3 = 5, also can be represented as 23 divmod 9 = 5

Wyatt (CTO)

We found a way to incorporate state transitions as semigroup operations. All operators for performing probabilistic gossip and signing rules are now performed as map and reduce operations. This allows us to completely remove our node state manager and encapsulate all state within a monadic execution context. This means that our nodes are now purely reactive.

Constellation’s Consensus Model – Proof of Meme video

Constellation’s Proof of Meme Consensus model is one of the defining aspects of our protocol and underwrites our vision for a secure and fair internet.  We’ve produced a short video explaining the origin of the name, the basics of its functionality and how it fits into our overall vision for Constellation. For those that want to delve deeper refer to our white paper, specifically page 11 “ Delegate selection model: Proof of Meme”.

Given the uniqueness of our consensus model we want to encourage debate and questions on the topic. The Constellation team will be active on this Reddit thread for any questions you may have.



Happy 20,000 telegram users!

We’d like to thank our incredible TG community for the continued growth and engagement we’re seeing on the platform.  We’ve met a lot of incredible people through the group who have helped us out with translations, moderating, introductions, debugging, marketing connections etc. etc.  Without you we wouldn’t where we are today.  We have a celebratory sticker pack on the way and look out for some further channel announcments.


The Constellation team will be attending the following events over the next two months.  More will be added to as we firm up speaking engagements and panels:

Until next week,

The Constellation Team


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