Dear Constellation Community,

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks. Our Engineering team has hit a milestone with the stabilization of our Testnet and we published a new token model favoring community and validator rewards.  Moving into next week Wyatt and team are presenting at Scale by the Bay and our first Hyperledger meet-up. For details on all the above and more read on…

Testnet Stabilized

We’re excited to announce that our Testnet has stabilized. Check out our latest blog post for more information, and register to run a node.

Network Stability Update

Register To Run a Node

Tokenomics Update

We recently released our new token distribution model to the community. TLDR: we’ve seeded the network with a larger portion of Constellation’s DAG and reduce the allocation to the foundation and founders. Give our blog post a read for a more in-depth look at the new token model:

Constellation Tokenomics Update

Community Survey

We’d like to get to know our community better in order to tailor our weekly content output.  Please take a few moments to fill out a quick questionnaire:

Constellation Community Survey

MOBI Grand Challenge

MOBI  and Trusted IoT Alliance are running a four-month grand challenge to showcase potential uses of Blockchain in mobility. Constellation has contributed $DAG to the total prize pool and our Engineering team is providing mentorship to participants. Read more about Constellation’s involvement here.

Upcoming Events

Hyperledger MeetUp, November 12th, San Francisco, California

Wyatt (CTO) will be speaking at Hyperledger’s MeetUp, “Distributed Ledgers and Big Data: Working with Data at Scale”. Wyatt will explore ways to use dynamic partitioning and locality sensitive hashing to achieve scalability, touching on how these approaches can be brought to the protocol layer and to the consensus model.  

Scale By the Bay , November 15 – 17, San Francisco, California

Wyatt (CTO) and Ryle (VP of Engineering) will be speaking at Scale By The Bay on Friday, November 16 in San Francisco. Reserve your ticket and use code “CONSTELLATIONLABSCOMM15” for 15% off!

Honda Blockchain Summit, November 15 – 16, Berlin, Germany

Constellation Ambassador, Sebastian Spitzer, will be attending the Honda Blockchain Summit on November 15 & 16 in Berlin. The event focuses on the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology  in the automotive space.

Blockchain Society SF Conference , November 28th, San Francisco, California

CEO Ben will be speaking at a special conference exclusively for investors, regulators, corporate and blockchain thought leaders, hosted by The Blockchain Society in partnership with Deloitte.

Engineering Updates

  • Terraform: deploying to the stars – We have a new deployment tool that is way easier and more efficient than former methods.
  • Database Updates – We were dealing with an intense database issue that causes our nodes to nondeterministically crash. We solved this by switching to a new database and changing the way we store data.
  • Node Crash/Restart – We’ve been tackling the biggest blocker to node operator deployment, node restarts. We had a successful test today.
  • Comprehensive Logging – We added full logging of all message passing in the network,
  • Single Node Genesis – A single node can start and propagate the network. Allows us to decouple all of our moving pieces which makes testing and deploying the network much friendlier.
  • Cluster Stability – 120+mm transactions since Friday. No cpu spikes.
  • Data storage updates – Pulled most data besides account data from db. Increased performance and protected against crashes
  • Download testing/optimization – Adding comprehensive download test.
  • Gzip data tx’s – Reduces size of data passed. Will improve performance.
  • Single Node Genesis – A single node can start and propagate the network. Allows us to decouple all of our moving pieces which makes testing and deploying the network much friendlier.

Recent Press

Check out Blockhaven’s in-depth review of Constellation.  

Constellation – An Underrated Contender


Until Next Time,


The Constellation Team