Dear Constellation Community,

November has flown by, with exciting news and announcements happening back to back . Earlier in the month, our Engineering team hit a milestone with the stabilization of our Testnet, and we published a new token model favoring community and validator rewards. In the last couple of weeks, we spoke at events, hosted our first Ambassador on-boarding call, and announced a new partnership. We’re closing out the month and starting December by  finalizing documentation for node operators, a token distribution, and Airdrop 5. Read on for the details of all that and more…

Investor & AirDrop Distribution Announcement.

Today, the lock-up expires on tokens issued to certain purchasers in our pre-sale and TGE. This distribution has begun.  The distribution marks the momentum towards further liquidity as we near Testnet v2.

We’re delaying Constellation AirDrop 5 distribution until December the 7th.  Given it is the last AirDrop of the year we’re allowing a few extra days for community members to resubmit their KYC details. If you’re one of the stragglers check your inbox for an email reminder 😉

Ecosystem Observation with Mathias Goldman

There are a lot of unsung heroes at Constellation. Our VP of Finance Mathias is one of them.  He’s been active in blockchain since BTC was less than $3 and provides a wealth of knowledge from his traditional banking  background. Mathias goes into his past experience, role at Constellation as well as giving his insight and observations into the current market landscape.  Video below. Enjoy.

Recent Events

Scale By The Bay Talk

Scale By The Bay is the premier conference for developers, software and data engineers. Wyatt and Ryle spoke this year alongside the likes of Martin Odersky (creator of Scala) and Neha Narkhede (Co-Creator of Apache Kafka).

In their talk, “Optimizing Network Topologies with Monadic Execution Contexts”, Wyatt and Ryle discuss real issues in distributed systems recording data in an immutable append-only log in such a way that you cannot forge it. Check out the video below:


The Blockchain Society Conference SF

Earlier this week, CEO Ben spoke at a special conference exclusively for investors, regulators, corporate and blockchain thought leaders, hosted by The Blockchain Society’s Executive in partnership with  Deloitte. Later in the day, he also spoke on “The Future of Mobility Panel” alongside Chris Ballinger (CEO, MOBI) and Zaki Manian (Executive Director, Trusted IoT Alliance). Thanks to all who participated! 

Blockchain Coalition Advocacy Brunch

Earlier in the month, COO Altif was invited to brunch to discuss the regulatory concerns of the blockchain and cryptocurrency community with the Treasurer for the state of California in the United States, Fiona Ma. The event followed the recent election and was a unique opportunity to have in-depth conversations with policymakers and help shape the future of California’s blockchain economy.

Blockchain University Announcement

We are excited to announce that Constellation has partnered with The Blockchain University. We will be utilizing their blockchain certification platform to deploy the Constellation Ambassador Certification test.

 Check out our blog for the full announcement:

Constellation Partners with The Blockchain University

Community Survey

We’d like to get to know our community better in order to tailor our weekly content output.  Please take a few moments to fill out a quick questionnaire:

Constellation Community Survey

Running a Node

Our Testnet recently stabilized and we are finalizing documentation for node operators. Get a jump start on running a node by registering via the form below:

Register to Run a Node


Engineering Updates

  • Added the facilitator selection logic for partitioning and added the data model and data store to contain header data.
  • Now adding partition logic to the criteria for snapshot formation and beginning testing.
  • Have already added partitioned facilitator selection into our end to end test.
  • Working partitions in unit test (screenshots below)
Here we have peer address info for our different partitions:

Here we have statistics on our new header (signed observation edge) updates:

Upcoming Events

Developer Week, February 20-24th 2019, SF Bay Area, California 

Recent Articles


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The Constellation Team