Hello Constellation Community!

We have thought long and hard about this announcement as we wanted to do something impactful that the community would appreciate and would show our commitment to the overall vision of Constellation.

In an effort to remove uncertainty around the total supply of DAG, the founders will be burning all of our tokens! 288,000,000 Tokens (7.2% of the supply) will be burned on the 4th of July (07.04.2019). Our aim is to build long lasting faith in Constellation.

Last year, we dramatically reduced founder and foundation tokens with a reallocation of tokens to validator rewards (doubling the validator “mining” rewards) to foster community engagement, and provide a more favorable token distribution towards network participants.

On the 4th of July – we go the next level on showing our commitment. This is the first token burn this year.

Token Distribution Model:
Partners and Advisors – 537,065,000
Private Sale – 730,124,835
Community Tokens – 80,000,000
Foundation Tokens – 764,810,165
TO BE BURNED – Founders Tokens – 288,000,000 (7.2%)

Additionally, we will be announcing a deflationary model and token economics paper in the coming weeks.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Let’s do this.
Benjamin J