Hello Constellation Community,

Big news this week.  DAG listed on Kucoin! Also, Wyatt, Ryle and the engineering team overview their progress and Brendan provides the latest token audit.  If you have any further questions make sure to join our facebook AMA later today, July 3rd at 1 pm here.

DAG Lists on KuCoin

We’re excited to announce that DAG is now trading on KuCoin. It has been two weeks since our initial token distribution and we’d like to thank everyone for the support so far, particularly our community members and partners in South East Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and South Korea.  We’re excited to be part of the KuCoin family and we could not have done it without your support. The momentum has been relentless with a number of listings on global exchanges over the past week. Our exchange presence will continue through July as we roll out our testnet and further features on Orion.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, KuCoin has a global presence which offers a safe, secure and easy-to-use mobile and desktop exchange service.  They’re leading the way in customer support, user interface and trading tools, and we’ll be growing our network and presence alongside them. If you’re not already a member jump in and start trading.  

Token Distribution Audit

Yesterday Brendan provided a detailed breakdown of the token sale. It overviews the internal structure of each round of token sale in the Constellation SAFT and private sales that occured in both January 2018 and June 2018 respectively.

Review this document in conjunction with our formal token model which can be downloaded here. Read the full article here

Ryle VP of Engineering ENG Update

We’ve begun performance testing the experimental alpha release on the kubernetes cluster. Focusing on tests with between 3 and 10 nodes right to verify basic functionality and optimize machine selection and our data storage layer and LevelDB access. We found and began patching several bugs related to chain buffer memory and node synchronization edge cases. Nodes are all synchronizing properly on the longest chain (the bundle with the highest cumulative score,) but there was a desynchronization issue in validation set updates during chain switches. We’re running tests on the order of a few hours and applying patches repeatedly to collect data and verify integrity with parity checks on the chain. Bundles are demonstrating a full DAG data structure, and the parent hashes correspond to our main chain which acts as a snapshot mechanism for the graph.

For now, we’re using a relatively simple DAG with signatures of node ids embedded, this determines reputations and validator rewards, and applies transaction updates on main chain additions for simplicity. Eventually, the inner bundle DAG will become much larger as we scale the cluster upwards, and we’ll begin adding more combiner types. We’ve upgraded the consensus module to be more abstract (allowing many consensus operations to happen in parallel on different sections of the graph.) We Began defining schemas for batch signature combiner operations, inner checkpoint operations for reducing transaction redundancy, preparations for address data locality functions, address metadata state embeddings and refactored some of our JSON exports for easier use.

We’ve also setup CORS for upcoming migration to new UI and fixed some dashboard cluster display bugs.  We started adding API authentication for locking down nodes and began optimizing UDP serialization layer and adding more security fixes. We moved more metadata storage into LevelDB and refactored schema to reflect updates and finally… Added more endpoints for serving bundle data / recent transaction information to UI.

Until next week.


The Constellation team.