Welcome the first ever decentralized, and highly disruptive Constellation Community awards. They are a celebration of creativity, ingenuity, resilience, and confusion. Congratulations to the winners.  

Dank Name Award

This one was really easy. Congratulations to  @vito-Ryle is the big homie.

Ryle extends his congratulations.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t be here tonight to present your trophy. He’s currently preoccupied, building the future of the internet.

An honorable mention also goes out to @TheCajunFox DAGs in the Wraith.

Devastating Comeback Award

@photon wins.  Your tongue is sharp …sir.

FUD Slayer Award

Congratulations to @puttersworth  and  @vito – Ryle is the big homieKeep doing what you’re doing guys. We doff our hat to you.

Best Asynchronous Meme Exchange

We recently experienced a deluge of Mean Girls, and we’re all about it. #MeanGirlsDay

The WTF Award

Help us understand Vakul Goya? We’ve spent literally hours searching on Ask Jeeves and Bing but can’t find any info on this. 


Truth Bomb Award

A fact or piece of knowledge that, when told to a listener, is devastating to the listener’s argument or worldview. Congrats @R P

Award Winners- We’ll be reaching out directly to send your Constellation Swag Goodie Bag.


On a pseudo-serious note, thank you Constellation Community for supporting us. We love you even though you make us cry from time to time.  There are incredible updates and announcements in the works which we can’t wait to share.  Keep doing what you do.






The Constellation team