Dor Traffic Miner

Constellation offers a first-of-its-kind opportunity to earn crypto. 

Purchase the Dor Traffic Miner, a battery-operated, people-counting hardware device you can place in any doorway, anywhere. Then sit back and relax. While it collects foot traffic data, you earn crypto rewards. It’s that simple.

The Dor Traffic Miner collects foot traffic data. You earn crypto rewards.


1,667 $DAG

Sample avg. monthly rewards

5m $DAG

The total rewards pool across a sample of 3,000 DTM units

*This amount does not include additional bounties from data sales. Rewards fluctuate depending on DTMs deployed and completed tasks.

The number shown above is for illustrative purposes only and does not guarantee future rewards. Constellation Network reserves the right to change any metrics at any time without prior notice. Read the Terms and Conditions for more information.

Get yours. Here’s how.

1. Reserve.

Purchase one of the Utility NFTs we’re releasing in batches. Each represents your ticket to exchange for the Dor Traffic Miner when it becomes available later in 2022.

2. Connect.

Log in to the Constellation Mining Platform to connect your NFT. Even though you won’t have the Dor Traffic Miner yet, you can start earning crypto rewards by completing certain tasks such as providing data.

3. Redeem.

We’ll send the Dor Traffic Miner free of charge when the device is ready later in 2022. There are no additional charges to receive your miner. 

4. Earn.

Stick your Dor Traffic Miner above any door or anywhere you want to count the flow of people coming and going. Your data becomes $DAG rewards.

Proof of Data

Why a Dor Traffic Miner?

It’s a people-counter. Businesses appreciate the insights that kind of data delivers. Over 2k companies use Dor Traffic Miner internationally for these benefits:

  • Anonymously counts foot traffic.
  • Provides measurable data-driven insights, and analytics businesses will purchase.
  • Includes proprietary thermal-sensing hardware and machine learning algorithms for complete accuracy.

But remember, the Dor Traffic Miner is for everybody, not just businesses. Install it on doorways, elevators, anywhere.

Who can benefit from a Dor Traffic Miner?


Track building usage to better understand where to make your next investment based on foot traffic volume or where to merge and save money.


Gain better insight about wait times or optimize the cleaning and maintenance schedule based on low traffic trends.


See if your employees use your meeting room spaces and team areas to improve space allocation for productivity.