Anyone can build and conduct a business using Constellation’s blockchain technology by using Hypercube – a user-friendly interface complete with open-source developer tools.

State Channel Builder

Deploy your own blockchain

Using the State Channel Builder, anyone can configure their blockchain network requirements and data types for validation and notarization. This business focused framework makes it easy to deploy a scalable network that can meet the demands of the world’s biggest applications. Simply define your data types and token strategy and select your hosting provider, and you’ll be ready to deploy in staging or production environments.

Token Configuration

Mint your own cryptocurrency

Deploying your own token is now more achievable than ever. Using the Minting Tool, anyone can deploy their own cryptocurrency configured to the economic rules and governance of their choice. Simply choose if you want to mint a Utility Token, a Non-Fungible Token, a Stable Coin or a Governance Token, and the Hypercube will walk you through the best practice steps you’ll need to configure your Token Economics as well as the necessary legal requirements for protection and compliance.

Full Control & Deep Customization

End-to-End Business Toolkit

No Coding Required

Integrated developer tools

Hosted or Private Builds

Ecosystem ready

From personal to enterprise

Hypercube Wallet

Manage your crypto & data

Using the secure Hypercube Wallet, anyone can keep track of $DAG and $LTX as well as their own minted cryptocurrencies. This wallet also provides for the secure storage and management of personal, on-chain data and will act as the centerpiece for the future datapreneur economy. Just like your wallet you use to pay for lunch, dinner and clothes, that holds your business cards, ID and that lucky penny, our intention was to design something that people would use everyday.
Block Explorer

Explore and validate transactions

The beauty of blockchain is that every transaction is recorded and can be validated. By using the Hypercube Block Explorer, anyone can view transaction logs, pending requests, wallet balances and more.

Setting up alerts and exporting data is easy and fast, meaning users can send insights wherever and whenever they desire.

Node Deployer

Mine rewards by validating transactions

Want to earn cryptocurrency as a node operator validating transactions on Hypergraph? Whether part of a larger strategy or you just want to earn rewards, node operation is easy with Hypercube.

Built to Work Directly With Your Stack

Hypercube works with your existing data management tools and operational workflow

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