Mainnet 2.0

Our transformative technology expands what’s possible on a decentralized exchange.

Fast, scalable, and efficient, Mainnet 2.0 launches in the second half of 2022. Our three-phase rollout is designed to secure the network as an ecosystem where real-world businesses can build momentum as they create a token, develop true utility, market it, and generate value.

Mainnet 2.0 

Mainnet 2.0 Updates

Soft nodes mirror the network rewards dynamic of Mainnet 2.0. Those running nodes are familiarized with true market economics of a validator economy.

The soft node program provides equal access to the benefits of a decentralized network for ALL stakeholders.

An ecosystem built for business resilience.
Here’s our Mainnet 2.0 roadmap.

Phase 1

L_0 Token Development

Prepare Mainnet 2.0 to ensure it can effectively manage business needs and real-world utility.

  • Focus on testing. 
  • Onboard quality projects in the accelerator and incubator program. 
  • Build in parallel with the Constellation team.
  • Document and build out L_0 tokens for the projects in the next few months.
  • Launch node operators signup.

Phase 2

Deploy to Testnet

Ensure Mainnet 2.0 is sound and secure and won’t suffer downtime that interferes with business functions.

  • Onboard additional testnet nodes.
  • Onboard L0 tokens to establish the path to cross-chain swapping.
  • Conduct third-party security audit.
  • Stress-test the network.
  • Continue building in parallel with the protocol.

    Phase 3

    Mainnet 2.0 Push to Production

    Bring all business online.

    • Deploy all L_0 tokens for instant network utility.
    • Open a path for L_0 tokens to have cross-chain capabilities.
    • Bring hundreds more node operators online. 
    State Channel Development Update

    Alkimi Exchange is building a state channel consensus mechanism to improve data transparency and auditability.

    Watch a video about the roadmap and consensus exchange discussion from one of the test use cases on Mainnet 2.0. Alkimi recreated pre-bid endpoints so the Hypergraph network could understand them, refining data to more efficiently provide an immutable record of an ad asset and prevent ad fraud.

    Hypergraph & Music at Scale

    Geojam is paving the future of the creator economy.

    A social engagement platform, Geojam uses gamification and real-life experiences to encourage interaction between artists, creators, and their fans. The company merges its existing in-app point system onto the Hypergraph Network to create a 360º degree token-economic model with a decentralized financial system and protocol for rewards.

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