You’re going to have an easy new way to earn crypto. Constellation Network offers a first-of-its-kind hardware piece — the Dôr Traffic Miner (DTM). You can place this battery-operated, people-counting hardware device in any doorway, anywhere. While it collects foot traffic data, you earn crypto rewards. It’s really that simple, and it’s for anybody, not just businesses, to purchase.

Yesterday we announced the launch of the DTM pre-order on Lattice Launchpad, and will continue through January 25 at 1:00 PM PST.

Reserve yours now!

The earlier you participate, the more you’ll save.

Day 1: $4000 (Save $1500*)

Day 2–3: $4500 (Save $1000*)

Day 4–7: $5000 (Save $500*)

DTM Retail Price After Launchpad = $5500

Here’s how it works:

  • Reserve a unit to purchase on Lattice Launchpad. Each 5k of LTX staked counts towards 1 miner.

  • After the staking period ends, you’ll receive an email with further instructions on how to transfer stablecoin and complete the purchase of the device.
  • After completing your DTM purchase you’ll receive a NFT. This represents your ticket to exchange for the DTM when it becomes available later in 2022. In the meantime, we’ll offer reward bounties for connecting and configuring your NFT prior to the device shipping. Stay tuned for more information to come.

Dôr Traffic Miner: A bridge between traditional business and crypto.

The Dor Traffic Miner never collects personal data, but still delivers reliable data-driven insights and analytics businesses companies can use or sell. Today, over 2K companies worldwide use the device.

Now, Constellation Network expands the device’s utility to individuals and onto the blockchain. Foot traffic on the ground translates into crypto rewards, and supports the core blockchain value of data ownership. If you own a DTM, the data collect is yours; you can do what you want with it.

People are catching on fast. After only 24 hours, we have 350+ miners reserved, and over 1.5k LTX staked. Don’t miss out.

Reserve Now!

Follow along to learn about the Dor Traffic Miner opportunities in upcoming blog posts. Our series, “What can you do with the DTM?” will detail ways to earn crypto and keep control of the data you collect.

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