Greetings Constellation team.  Although we’ve been in stealth mode busily working behind the scenes our platform and vision hasn’t gone unnoticed.  Over the past few weeks we’ve been inundated with interview requests from a number of Blockchains leading commentators and authorities.

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Check out the collated video interviews with Wyatt (CTO), Brendan Playford (CEO) and Ben Jorgensen (COO).  The content touches on aspects of our protocol and vision that our community regularly enquire about. Some of the key recurring conversation pieces are being formalized into easily digestible info graphics and non-technical white papers.  As our community expands beyond a niche group of highly technical enthusiasts we’ll be reaching out to a broader user base with view to our consumer facing product/platform. More to come!

In February Connie Loizus of Tech crunch wrote a piece on Crypto wealth management. Our COO Ben Jorgensen provided insight into how the community is reinvesting into the space as opposed to traditional wealth management approaches.


New Blockchain OS For Fast Scaling

In February Sia of Coin Crunch posted a review focusing on scalability and MapReduce technology.

Following the review we connected with Sia introducing the team and going into detail around how constellation will support mainstream consumer applications.

Building a New Blockchain OS


We checked in last month with Julian Young of Blockchain Brief for a team introduction and lively conversation focusing on scalability.

Constellation Founders Interview


Watch a technical conversation between our CTO Wyatt and Inchained, delving into the consumer and business applications of Constellation.

CTO Wyatt – Interview


The super knowledgeable Blockchain Brad presses the team on their credentials and backgrounds before going into technical detail and a competitor differentiation.


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Have a great weekend,

The Constellation Team