Constellation for Government

We aim to be the standard across all agencies in the Federal Government for how these agencies securely use and send data.

Exponential data coming online

The Federal Government is dealing with rampant amounts of data and have invested heavily into existing data management solutions and systems. These centralized systems are too expensive and not fast enough to process, validate and manage the volumes of data required for making quick decisions in the field without significant security risks.

Our objective is to offer the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security an easy to integrate developer tool that will enable these systems to instantaneously process, validate and secure data as it is being created and communicated across networks. We are creating a global standard for data in-transit and use.

There are growing needs to create an evolved data strategy specifically around Multi-Domain Command and Control (MDC2) to interoperate legacy system data and cloud infrastructure data. By decentralizing the processing and validation required for systems to communicate across networks, it is possible to significantly increase speed while also increasing security.

Key Applications in Government

Secure Interoperability

Secure classified and unclassified data transmissions between connected systems.


Prevent spoofing corruption of incoming data streams for mission execution and planning.


Aggregate and validate data from both large, legacy and emerging systems so that it can be made interoperable.


Curate data so it can be rendered dynamically to each user at the level of fidelity and resolution required.

“Centralized systems are too expensive and not fast enough to process, validate and manage the volumes of data required for making quick decisions in the field without significant security risks.”

– Baseline Requirements For Government & Military Encryption Algorithms, Harris Corporation

National Science Foundation Interview

Doug Maughan is the Office Head for the Convergence Accelerator at the National Science Foundation (NSF). Doug has worked with the Federal Government for 32 years. Before the NSF Doug worked at the National Security Agency and also at the Department of Homeland Security. He has been funding research, mostly in the area of cyber security, for 30 years.

Ben Jorgensen, CEO of Constellation Network, sat down with Doug to ask some questions about his work, the progression of innovative technology and how Constellation can fit in.

USAF Letter of Support

“The unique Constellation Blockchain for Big Data technology has significant potential to help Air Force cyber security and the 618 Air Operations Center (AOC) with commercial partners mission transaction interactions verifications by mitigating security risks of attack points like servers, cloud storage and centrally hosted access control systems that are either exposed to hacking and/or spoofing activities.

The foreseeable result would successfully thwart spoofing attacks from intercepting and replacing an existing data stream with a data stream from a hostile agent or adds fraudulent information to the existing data stream.”

618th Air Communications Squadron Commander
Air Mobility Command, Air Operations Center

Government Partners

Dcode breaks down barriers to improve government, working with their community of tech companies, government leaders, and partners. 

Constellation Network signs deal to provide solutions around interoperability between legacy infrastructure and emerging data technology. Constellation’s technology will help securely unlock traditionally siloed and non-accessible data and data sources.

Decisive Point’s mission is to effectively combat the frictions that impede rapid adoption of new tech and services in the US Government.

The Space ISAC serves to facilitate collaboration across the global space industry to enhance our ability to prepare for and respond to vulnerabilities, incidents, and threats.

GBA promotes blockchain tech by empowering individuals and organizations to connect, communicate, and collaborate to solve global public sector challenges.

Kinnami’s platform is a distributed secure storage management system that organizes information into encrypted objects owned by end-users (people or systems.)

Work With Us

Constellation team members include distributed systems engineers, blockchain architects, past NASA, Google, Oracle and SalesForce software engineers, and Silicon Valley veterans with a focus on Enterprise go-to-market.


NAICS: 541511
NAICS: 541512


USAF / SBIR 19.2 Phase 1
Air Mobility Command: Letter of Support


DUNS: 081492625