Hello Constellation Community! 

We have MAINNET – our very own Hypergraph Network! After nearly 2.5 years in development we have officially launched our main network, called Hypergraph, and our ERC-20 Token has been swapped for our native $DAG currency. 
Our original roadmap said Q1 2020, and even with COVID, we hit it on the mark. We launched the network with around 15 node operators, earning validator rewards, and we expect to onboard about 85 more in the coming months.  

We can’t thank you enough for being a part of this incredible journey as we launch something the world has never seen before. This is history in the making and we are working with multiple agencies in the US Federal Government to use the technology to validate and secure big data to evolve our existing global digital infrastructure.  

 Kucoin AMA – May 7th, 7pm PST
On May 7th at 7pm PST, we will be doing an AMA on Kucoin – please join us as we announce a major partner in the data management space and articulate our vision forward. (link)  

Open Source Community
Over the past year, our vibrant community has not only helped market Constellation but are helping onboard all the node operators in subsequent rounds.Additionally, they have developed some incredible projects, including content and technologies, to help propel Constellation’s vision to the next level (not to mention our own merch store – check it out here).

We urge you to get involved and see what crypto and the blockchain is all about. If you are interested in becoming a node operator, we will be coming out with criteria for Batch 4 and Batch 5 next week. Our goal was to empower the community to manage the network, build applications, and provide governance and oversight. Our community has grown beyond our expectations. Additionally, our CryptoDaily Newsletter will be the source for frequent daily updates, partnership announcements, and ways to keep in touch with Constellation and the industry. Please sign up for the newsletter to be in the know and earn rewards (coming soon):   Sign Up for CryptoDaily here 


 Molly Wallet – Our native wallet was developed by @Vito. This will serve as so much more than a wallet in the coming months, but will be a place to manage data rights (more to come)- (New Wallet Update Coming Soon)


Constellation Merchandise: Your one stop shop for DAG SWAG! Check it out, order something, or if you want to post something for sale – let us know: Cryptoast – A commmunity developed Main net Balance Check tool


Block Explorer – Multiple person effort to create a block explorer will be released soon. 
Star Gazer – A tool to monitor validator rewards and the nodes that receive them (Extended version coming soon).
Constellation’s Grafana – A tool to monitor our mainnet, transactions, and stability (Coming soon).
CryptoDaily – Our featured newsletter dedicated to aggregating crypto news, information on Constellation, and Cybersecurity and Big Data industry news. 


Governance Board
A self-organized team of 25 people with the focus of establishing rules, guidelines, and values to maintain the network.

Stardust Collective: 15 individuals that are responsible for creating educational materials that articulate the convergence of big data, cybersecurity, and blockchain technologies. In the future, this group will be responsible for funding new applications and projects built on top of HyperGraph.

Admins/Advisors: 16 Individuals that provide the broader community with insight on the technology and the day to day operations of Constellation.  Once again, we can’t thank you enough for your continued support. We hope you all are safe and well. We have a fun few months ahead of us, with a lot more announcements, as we continue to build inroads across the partners in the data management space and the Department of Defense.   Thank you,Benjamin J. Jorgensen  CEO | Co-Founder of Constellation Network, Inc.
References & Updates 
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☑ Download Molly Main net wallet
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