Partner Update: Shasta Ventures

Shasta Ventures joins us as our latest strategic advisor. Shasta has advised a multitude of companies that have gone on to build multi million dollar businesses impacting and disrupting traditional models. They bring their grit , experience, and instinct to the Constellation team and will be crucial in helping us grow quickly and in the right direction over the next year and beyond. They’re team is multifaceted and includes some of Silicon Valley’s leading venture capitalists, developers, analysts,and marketers. Find out more about Shasta here.

Technology Update: We Have Nodes

 We’re setting up basic testing and infrastructure for the project with a MVP that we can rapidly iterate on. The below video demonstrates our unit tests for the required operations. We have UDP peer to peer operations tested, a variety of signing / transaction data tests, and a full end-to-end test where we spin up 3 fake nodes and have them start a blockchain from scratch, issue transactions, gossip to each other in a peer-to-peer fashion, and create blocks.

The test is using code that doesn’t include any previous cryptographic dependencies (apart from generic encryption libraries) — in other words this implements the most basic of blockchains from scratch and demonstrates the core functionality with no copy/paste solutions from another coin. 

More sneak peeks to come as we lead up to the developer portal and testnet.

Crypto Invest

The team had a busy three days at Crypto Invest, Diggles, Altif, Gina and Zac worked the booth for three days of non stop meeting with partners, universities, developers, and everyone else in between. Zac headed up the ICO stage to deliver a 15 min overview of Constellation to a crowd of eager investors and developers.  Video to come soon.

Wyatt CTO & Altif CCO – Ask Me Anything

Our CTO Wyatt and CCO Altif hosted an an hour long AMA on Facebook on  the 26th of April.  They dove into all sorts of topics; Rakugo, Proof of Meme, building DAGs, how to get into blockchain development and…the battle of Waterloo. 

AMA w/ CTO Wyatt

Constellation Labs 发布于 2018年4月26日周四


Wyatt at Decentralize Singapore

This one is not for the faint of heart…Watch Wyatts blistering presentation of the technology and mathematical theories underpinning Constellations protocol. Flapmapping, thermo economics, type theory, merger sponge’s etc.

New team members

Darius Rugvicius: Advisor

We’d like to welcome Darius from Connect Capitial to the Constellation team. As a Decentralised web pioneer, advisor and investor for multiple blockchain companies, partner at blockchain and cryptocurrency investment funds, Darius will help propel our business in new and exciting directions

Ryle Goehausen: VP of Engineering

Ryle joins us from Sales Force with a ton of experience and passion for the space.  He’s building out systems for some of the worlds biggest data companies.  Now he’s with us.


The Constellation team will be on the ground for Ethereal and Consensus NY. Let us know if you’re going to be in NY on telegram for blockchain week.

And finally…

In case you missed it. Our Airdrop registration page is now open

All the best,

The Constellation Team

Stay tuned to our blog and telegram for future announcements .