The first cryptocurrency wallet to be built by a community and designed to create a premier user experience that will transform industries and generations to come.



Molly is currently available Mac, Windows and Linux.


For a detailed walkthrough, please visit our Medium article and watch the overview video below. For immediate support please go to our Telegram Community and follow us on Twitter for updates and announcements.

A Wallet For The Community,
By the Community

Created by a Constellation community member, for the best community in crypto, and named after the wallet designer’s daughter, Molly is built with a vision to set future standards in digital commerce.

Just like your wallet that you use daily to pay for lunch, dinner, clothes, that hold your business cards, ID’s, and that lucky penny, our intention was to design something that people would use everyday. We live in an age where we have an abundance of information, from videos to blogs, that are at our fingertips. Digital commerce is molding how generations interact with one another, consume, and educate themselves. The nature of this wallet is digital and thus we wanted to expand the possibilities of what a wallet could be and do because of its multimedia capabilities. We wanted to make it not only user friendly, but create the space for applications to be developed by our vibrant open source community.

A true articulation of open innovation. 

A cryptocurrency wallet is one of the most cherished pieces of technology to anyone that holds cryptocurrency. Yet many wallets are visually unappealing, have limited functionality and utility, and are treated as an afterthought. We wanted to bring it to the forefront and reimagine the wallet, the community that uses the wallet, and enable a future that will be powered by DAG.

Welcome to Molly

Hypergraph Network Utilities

Hypergraph Dashboard

A Grafana metrics visualization of the Constellation Hypergraph Network.

Molly Wallet DAG Tools

Check your DAG token balance and generate your own DAG Address QR code. 

Constellation Gift Shop

A collection of Constellation products developed and managed by the commmunity. 

Hypergraph Block Explorer

Explorer for Block, Transaction, Hash, Address, Etc. for the Constellation Hypergraph Network. 

Hypergraph Node Monitoring

Node monitoring and analytics tool for the Constellation Hypergraph Network. 

Molly Wallet Mobile App

Mobile support for the Constellation Molly Wallet is in active development.