We’re excited to announce that our testnet has stabilized. Utilizing a DAG framework, we sent over 120 Million test transactions throughout the weekend across remote servers. This marks a major engineering milestone as we move closer to The Node Operator Program via Testnet 2.0. You can view a snapshot overview of confirmed tps, transactions sent, balances, etc. below.

This first test gives us the baseline for the lowest level ‘rank’ in our network.  It only goes up from here.” – Wyatt CTO

Despite not having fully optimized networking calls and data structures for memory or lightweight devices, we’re seeing consistent and predictable CPU loads across the network with no memory issues on the second cheapest cloud VM tier. Nodes are running at one quarter load (25% CPU) and using roughly 500 MB heap memory. We are easily seeing 500-1000 tps on a single partition with further optimizations to come.

Seen below is the the size of the snapshot folder on one of the nodes. It works out to 1500 TX per MB of storage. More specifically, 1.25e8/8e4 = 1562 TX per MB. This is a little larger than BTC’s average transactions size, but it includes extra metadata collected during testing and will be optimized further.

“There’s still a lot of work to come, but this is a major stability improvement. We’re trying to ensure node operators can run cheap instances and still participate in the network at high load, and we’ve made major strides in demonstrating that. This is still only on a single partition and resource offering type, which means as we expand tests to higher partition counts and more diverse node types, we should see even more dramatic speed improvements.”

Ryle – VP of Engineering

Interested in becoming part of the Constellation network? We are looking for  node operators who will host some of the early nodes on the network (in a testnet environment). You’d be providing valuable feedback, and earning $DAG tokens for doing so. You can register to run a node here.