This week, we’re diving into the Orion Portal with a brief introductory video and written overview, featuring Brion Hickey, our V.P of Product at Constellation Labs.  Make sure to join the community on Telegram.

So, what exactly is Orion?

The main function and value of the Orion Portal is to serve as a foundational source of information for all things Constellation Labs. Whether its support, marketing material, bounty campaigns, or developer documentation, it will all be living within Orion. We wanted to create a platform where the Constellation team can interact and share with developers and community members alike, while also giving our users a chance to be rewarded for their time and expertise.

In the words of Brion:

“This base enables a quick federation of content across all existing and emerging social streams and the ability for our end users to collaborate with each other. By providing a central but engaging base of information, the portal is useful in addressing various inquiries and allowing champions of our technology to earn DAG.”

When it comes to the types of content you can expect inside the Orion portal, essentially anything related to Constellation will live here –  be it advanced questions regarding our upcoming testnet launch, press and social media buzz, developer documentation, or app ideas. Our goal is to provide the tools and framework for the future of the decentralized internet, but the true power to shape and build it lies within the hands of the community at large. With the Orion portal, we’re inviting you to let us know what apps you want to see prioritized, or what AMA topic you’d like to see addressed next. Have some suggestions or feedback for our base code? Well, drop us a line! With Orion, our digital doors are always open.

Can you explain the tiered system for Orion?

Within the Orion Portal, we have three major tiers to address based on the number of tokens staked – Free, Community, and Developer. We realize that different users will have different needs, as someone who is an engineer will require a different subset of tools than a community member. The graphic below outlines the three tiers, as well as the main features of each.

By engaging with the Orion portal, end users will be able to earn $DAG tokens. One example of this is how we’re enabling users to earn $DAG is when they invite friends to join Orion. This is merely one example of many!

Brion had this to share on why Constellation choose this gated, three-tiered approach to membership:

“A tiered system allows our team to manage requests and app projects effectively. Gating enables us to build a successful and fully supported community.”

The portal features a simple reward scheme, whereby users will earn points by engaging on the platform, boosting their standing/clout in the community. These points can then be exchanged for $DAG tokens. Brion shared his thoughts on this, saying “this basic reward structure will create an organic hierarchy of moderators and encourage positive community behavior.”

How will Orion support the upcoming testnet launch?

With the launch of our testnet nearing, Orion will serve as the focal point for all information and documentation surrounding its launch. Our first major bounty campaign is currently live, and we’re on the hunt for our initial testnet node operators! If you have a technical, software developer backgroundfeel free to apply here to become a Constellation pioneer. The testnet node bounty post will be continually updated as we approach the launch.

In the words of Brion, “with the upcoming launch of our testnet, we’re already getting a lot of curiosity from our users. You can anticipate that as we get closer to launching our testnet, that most of the real-time information and updates about it will quickly be federated into the Orion portal.”

The ‘Developer Docs’ section will be updated with our base code once the testnet is fully live, which will allow the community to dive in and review, critique and add to our base code. We’re also very excited to reveal a graphic visualization of our testnet in operation, and once again, Orion will be the platform we’ll announce this on.

As we want the Orion Portal to be shaped by our community members, we also built in a “feature request” option. Brion breaks this all down below, and outlines how this will work:

“Ultimately, we realize that we have to really understand what the community is hungry for. We do have a “feature request” within the Orion portal that allows them to express to us what they’re curious about, and that gives us an opportunity where we can invent on their behalf. Instead of creating features off-the-cuff, we’re really inventing features that are going to be useful for our users.”

If you haven’t signed up for the Orion Portal yet, click here to take the leap and help shape the future of not only Constellation Labs, but the decentralized web itself.


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