Build the Future. With the Flight Program.   

Every participating company in the Constellation Flight Program shares the same goal: a better understanding and heightened confidence around deploying a Blockchain / Cryptocurrency solution on Constellation’s HGTP. The Flight Program v2 cohort is a precursor to live go-to-market activities, including an official token launch and fundraiser.

Constellation wrapped up a successful v1 of the program in October 2021. Version 2 of the program kicks off on March 17th, 2022! Thank you to the hundreds of interested projects for applying!

The V2 open call for projects is now closed. If you are interested in the v3 cohort happening later this year, please sign up here to be reminded.

Flight Program Deep Dive

In this Hypergraph Hour presentation, the Constellation team discusses what transpired from the Flight Program v1 and what to expect from the Flight Program v2 in Q1 / 2022. 

Along with this, 3 companies from the v1 Cohort showcase their projects and share their experience of the program. 

Why is it Different?

Existing blockchain technology does not support the speed, scalability, and economic incentive needed to build applications with robust business logic. Constellation is its own network and blockchain infrastructure with concurrent consensus mechanism to add security and assurance to your decentralized application. With Constellation’s L_0 state channel standard, you can define the rules of your business while tapping into Constellation’s Network, powered by rewards.

How it Works

This is a multi-stage process in which the Constellation team will evaluate project proposal submissions with the intention of selecting a short list of proposals to be personally guided through their development and go-to-market process by the core Constellation team and community.

Who is it For?

We are looking for Blockchain projects of all types and sizes to take advantage of Constellation’s core team’s guidance. During the period of performance each project team selected will receive on-hands technical direction, marketing & community support as well as business guidance. Teams may also receive fundraising and grant opportunities.

What’s the Timeline?

Stage One of the process is to supply the Constellation team with an overview of your Project Proposal using this form. We will be reviewing proposals in the order they are received and if appropriate we will reach out with a Stage Two form requesting further project information. The Stage One selection process for v2 will be completed by Q1 2022.

Why This Matters

Our aim is to attract the next blockchain entrepreneur to build a scalable business with confidence from multiple stakeholders that engage with the business. Constellation enables anyone to tap into a cryptocurrency ecosystem and integrate blockchain technology into existing systems and applications through our state channels and L_0 standard.

Types of Projects

Blockchain Networks


Decentralized Applications

Non-Fungible Tokens

Data Validation Solutions

Featured Project

Lattice Exchange

Lattice is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. Lattice Exchange connects all blockchain ecosystems and allows users to transfer cryptocurrency between multiple blockchain ecosystems. Lattice aims to reduce risk and friction for traders while increasing transparency and control over your digital assets.

Featured Project

Alkimi Exchange

Using the principle of Generative Economics, the Alkimi decentralized ad exchange rewards users, publishers and advertisers for rebuilding the intended value exchange of the open web. Fewer ads, better user experience, increased engagement.

Program Timeline

Stage 1

Submit Your Project

Submit your idea to Constellation and identify the basics of your business, idea, or aspiration. By working with the Stardust Collective, the decentralized governance to the Constellation Network, we will review your project and explore ways to support you.

Stage 2

Leverage Our Ecosystem

Depending on your request, we will reach out to you with ways to leverage our Ecosystem. Through Stardust Collective and Constellation Network Inc, we will require additional information so we can ensure successful navigation of our Ecosystem of partners.

Stage 3

Project Launch

Ready to go live! This might mean several things depending on your needs from the Constellation Ecosystem. Some projects will launch their application instantly or others might need support from our Lattice Launchpad and connections to fundraising and grant opportunities. Our goal is to position your project for success, visibility, and adoption.

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