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Constellation Media Kit

From team bios and headshots to logos and overview materials. Everything can be found within this media kit. 

Constellation Logos

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Lattice Exchange Announces Early Backers for a Scalable Decentralized Finance Platform for Digital Currency Built On Constellation Network 

Lattice is the evolution of existing DeFi solutions by providing the best price and profitability for protocol users. It enables smart routing for trades and the ability to aggregate liquidity pools and incorporate multiple Automated Market Making (AMM) algorithms on Constellation’s scalable Hypergraph Network. Leveraging Constellation’s Network, trading transactions will be cheaper, more accurate, and faster than other DeFi solutions built on alternative blockchain infrastructures.

Alpha Sigma Capital Purchases DAG tokens from Constellation Network

DeFi Exchange, Lattice, To Build on DAG Hypergraph


Constellation Network, Schaeffler and MOBI Tackle Data Exchange Issues for Connected Cars

As consumers we are all facing a situation where companies are competing to gather as much personal data as possible with the services and products they provide. This co-authored research paper is taking a critical look at the autmotive data economy in its current state by combining the data value chain and concepts of platform and sharing economy, reapplied in the context of mobility: Is data really the new oil? And if so – what are the conditions to translate data to economic success?

$DAG Will Do To Big Data What Bitcoin Did To Money


Constellation Accepted to Dcode Accelerator to Further Federal Market Presence

Constellation Network joins a select group of 12 artificial intelligence and big data companies participating in Dcode Accelerate, which helps emerging tech companies break into and scale in the federal market successfully. Over the course of 10 weeks, Fraym will work closely with Dcode to develop its federal strategy and connect with hundreds of key government and industry leaders.


The US Air Force Selects Constellation

Constellation Network signs deal to provide solutions around interoperability between legacy infrastructure and emerging data technology. Constellation’s technology will help securely unlock traditionally siloed and non-accessible data and data sources. This is commonly referred to as Multi-Domain Command and Control (MDC2) at the U.S. Air Force.


Constellation Network Joins the MouseBelt Blockchain Education Alliance

Constellation Network and MouseBelt partner to deploy real-world pilots of innovative solutions in collaboration with students, researchers, and MouseBelt’s world-class development shop. There is an increasing demand for Blockchain education and experts in the space are needed to help develop quality curriculum and fund cutting-edge research. The state of Blockchain education will directly impact the amount of skilled Blockchain developers, innovative research, and quality companies in the space. The Blockchain Education Alliance is an opportunity for industry leaders to have a positive impact on how Blockchain technology is introduced to students.


Quant Network and Constellation Network partnership represents a major step forward for Smart Cities

Constellation Network and Quant Network are integrating to help enterprises procure blockchain technology and enable interoperability with security at scale. The integration explained in the recently released paper, “An Internet for Automation with IoT and Edge Devices” outlines how Constellation and Quant will provide robust security for IoT and interoperability of data between systems and devices for use cases like connected cities.


Constellation Network Integrates with Chainlink to Bring Big Data Solutions to DLT

Constellation Network engages with Chainlink to become a node operator on the Chainlink network, to provide smart contracts with access to real-world streaming data from Constellation’s enterprise clients, and to provide validation for streaming data. The integration, explained in the recently released paper, “Oracalizing Big Data on Distributed Ledger Technology” outlines how Constellation will become an oracle node on the Chainlink Platform.


Constellation Partners with StackPath for Node Deployment

Constellation Network signs partnership with StackPath to make it easy and cost-effective for their node operators and clients to spin up virtual instances, connect to a distributed network, and earn cryptocurrency for validating data. In addition, the partnership will provide an easy procurement path for enterprise partners to leverage Constellation’s infrastructure tools.

Partner with us

Constellation is partnered with enterprise companies, institutional investment funds, crypto advisory firms, technology PR firms and Blockchain education groups. Current areas of focus: 

Joint research papers focused on preparing for the future using Big Data Validation

Mobility working group partners interested in AV Marketplace Data strategy