Deploy Constellation Nodes Using

Constellation Network signed a partnership with StackPath to make it easy and cost-effective for node operators and clients to spin up virtual instances, connect to a distributed network, and earn cryptocurrency for validating data.

The Partnership Vision 

The partnership with StackPath enables Constellation’s clients to have plug-and-play functionality in a cloud infrastructure. Additionally, it will enable Constellation’s node operator community, and network to easily test and deploy virtual instances/nodes in a commercial environment. This partnership will push the needle in making it easy for blockchain technology to be adopted by real-world use cases and businesses with edge computing needs.

Why StackPath

StackPath Edge Computing vs. Cloud Computing

The advantage is simple. Data hits our advanced edge locations up to 2.6x faster than centralized cloud provider data centers. That gives your latency-priority applications and services significant performance advantages, as well as the power to reduce overall network traffic charges.

Average of all of each provider’s North American data center/availability zone response times, reported by Cedexis on January 15, 2019.

  • StackPath: 29ms
  • Google Cloud: 66ms
  • Microsoft Azure: 68.2ms
  • Amazon Web Services: 75ms

How It Works

StackPath makes it simple to place your workload at the edge, in the locations you want, with the performance and power that you need.

Expert Installtion

Select CentOS or Ubuntu and your VM is deployed with the OS installed and configured using best-practices for security and performance.

Management API

Leverage our robust and open RESTful API to automate any aspect of deploying and managing your workload.

Network Policies

Network policies allow fine grained control of all network traffic before it reaches your edge computing workloads.

Built-in Metrics

Each Edge Computing VM includes resource monitoring, with data available free for 24 hours and reporting available through a web UI and API.

Promotional Pricing

Through our partnership, we are excited to offer promotional pricing. StackPath Edge Computing Virtual Machines are billed based on the number of VMs running in each location. VM usage is calculated by the second after a 5 minute per VM minimum. 

VM Pricing

Spec Cores RAM Root Disk (SSD) Price
SP-1 1 2GB 25GB $0.049/hour
SP-2 2 4GB 25GB $0.095/hour
SP-3 2 8GB 25GB $0.112/hour
SP-4 4 16GB 25GB $0.220/hour
SP-5 8 32GB 25GB $0.436/hour

Network Traffic Pricing

Direction Path Price
Ingress Any ingress traffic to the instance Free
Egress Egress from one instance to another within the same location Free
Egress Egress from one instance to another StackPath service e.g. EdgeEngine Free
Egress Egress from one instance to the public internet, except Manila $0.05/GB/month
Egress Egress from one instance to the public internet, from Manila $0.08/GB/month

IP Address Pricing

Type Type
Static IP Address Included
Global Anycast IP Address $0.05/IP/hour

Traffic Between Edge Locations

North America
Pop to Region Price
North America – North America $0.01/GB
North America – Europe $0.03/GB
North America – Asia $0.04/GB
North America – Austrilia $0.09/GB
North America – Latin America $0.08/GB
Pop to Region Price
Europe – Europe $0.01/GB
Europe – Asia $0.07/GB
Europe – Australia $0.09/GB
Europe – Latin America $0.10/GB
Pop to Region Price
Asia – Asia $0.03/GB
Asia – Australia $0.09/GB
Asia – Latin America $0.10/GB
Pop to Region Price
Australia -Australia $0.02/GB
Asia – Australia $0.12/GB

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