Alkimi Exchange

Using the principle of Generative Economics, the Alkimi decentralized ad exchange rewards users, publishers and advertisers for rebuilding the intended value exchange of the open web. Fewer ads, better user experience, increased engagement.

Application Overview

Using Constellation’s HGTP blockchain technology, Alkimi Exchange will revolutionize the advertising industry by making advertising data transparent and democratic, allow audiences to receive revenue generated throughout the digital advertising ecosystem, and hold advertisers and publishers accountable.

  • Users aren’t a Product
  • Publishers aren’t at the behest of Facebook and Google
  • Advertisers can deliver their message with value
Project Specs

Category: Advertising
Languages: English
Version: 1.0
Token: $ADS
Max Supply: 250M ADS
Token Listings: TBA
Launched: Q2 2021
Support: Discord
Documentation: GitHub
Status: Phase I
Supported Networks: Ethereum | Constellation
Team: Ben Putley, Adam Chorley, Neil Bruce

Alkimi Exchange Technical Roadmap

Phase 1

Q3 – Q4 2021

ERC-20 Token Minted
AlEx Interoperability End-Points
Migration to L_0 token
Launch of AlEx Test Net
Implementation of AlEx Data Schemas
Open RTB 2.5, GDPR, CCPA Compliance

Phase 2

Q1 – Q2 2022

Official AlEx launch
VAST compatibility
TAG Accreditation

Phase 3

Q3 + 2022

MRC Accreditation
IAB Gold Standard Accreditation

Token Economics

The Alkimi $ADS Token allows users to take advantage of downtime to reallocate whatever resources they have at their disposal and to actually be rewarded for it. Currently publishers are punished through continual fees, even if they’re selling no ads.

We aim to build out a decentralized exchange with all the advantages that come with that, such as security, efficiency and trustless validation, that has complete transparency. This is unique when compared to incumbent advertising exchanges which do their best to obfusticate transaction data. The token allows us to create an immutable transparent distributed ledger, so every user knows the complete transaction data of every single impression.

How the token economy works in relation to the business

The purpose of the token in the Alkimi economy is twofold. The efficient allocation of resources, for data transfer, data processing or monetary.  

Secondly it means we can reward all the node operators, stakers and users in the Alkimi ecosystem for their participation in our state channel.

  • Reallocate downtime to provide discounted exchange fees
  • Transparent supply path
  • Protocol enforced SLA’s for market participants

The role $ADS plays in this economy

The Alkimi token, $ADS, will be completely interoperable with every blockchain. The benefits of this are that we can attract more market participants by offering a wider range of crypto currency support. Also the users of the exchange can be paid in various cryptocurrencies, allocate them to staking pools and earn high interest rates. This brings a whole new revenue stream to Alkimi exchange users increasing the attractiveness of the exchange over the incumbent offering.

Interoperability with Every Blockchain
Advanced Market Making Capabilities
Instant Transactions
Nominal Fees
Ecosystem Ready

How the $ADS token moves through the token economy

$ADS will act as an on and off ramp for the Alkimi exchange, allowing access for media buying and selling on the Alkimi Exchange. Holders of other cryptocurrencies can also participate in the network by providing liquidity, or node operators can provide bandwidth, with every participant receiving $ADS tokens, which they can use for exchange fees, to earn an APY or holding.

When $ADS token holders wish to sell their tokens for fiat or crypto they will have a liquid market with the Lattice exchange with which to do so. Allowing for low slippage and instant transaction.

How the $ADS token economy is governed

Once the Alkimi Exchange reaches full maturity we will allow all holders of $ADS tokens to vote on changes put forward by they foundation and advisory token holders. This will give all participants in the network an opportunity to dictate the future direction of the exchange. Allowing it to develop and innovate in a completely decentralized way. We aim to eventually make Alkimi Exchange a DAO to make sure that the new value exchange is maintained in a fair and economically viable manner. Power to the people.

How to Get Involved

Alkimi can be found on the following social channels:


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