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Over the past 10 years, we have seen data become more valuable and profitable than oil. This has caused a rise in industries such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data led by major tech companies like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google (GAFA).

A Secure Infrastructure

The Cost of Bad Data

What many fail to see is that bad data behind a secure firewall is still bad data. Incomplete or missing data affects industries into the trillions of dollars annually. Even worse, bad data can cost human life when faulty information is used in engineering, automotive, aerospace and countless other industries worldwide. Constellation Network has developed a distributed ledger technology to embrace the vision of a connected world, powered by big data, by creating the infrastructure to securely validate and protect one of the world’s most valuable resources.

A Connected Infrastructure

The Connected World

To realize the full potential of a connected world of IoT, machine learning, mobility, and the futuristic vision of autonomous everything, it’s important to better understand the data generated that powers this vision. Data rights require sovereignty enforced by infrastructure itself. Downstream data analysis relies on upstream decision making from business processes, to operational accountability, to AI making software/ systems smarter. From resource production companies trying to understand pipe leakage, to an autonomous driving vehicle that needs an audit trail to act as an insurance policy, or a traditional company looking for insight into operations, data plays a decisive role in a myriad of industries that affect our day-to-day lives.
A Protocol for Mobility

Mobility & Infrastructure

Constellation’s distributed ledger technology enables the mobility industry to customize connected vehicle solutions, creating better business to consumer outcomes for the automotive sector. Current technology is already ingesting vast amounts of data, but as of yet, there is no distributed system that can analyze and provide real-time updates across disparate inputs. Simply put, Constellation provides a protocol capable of ingesting and organizing data to meet the needs of new mobility technologies.

Mobiity Prototype

Transportation App Demo

In this demo you will see Constellation integrated on a custom Android App that is sending a real-time feed of location data to the Constellation Network. This visualization shows the data being appended to our immutable DAG ledger, creating a provable and auditable source of location truth that can be queried at any time.

Processing and Securing Complex
LiDAR Data with Constellation
Informational Overview

Processing and Securing Complex LiDAR Data

There are numerous benefits associated with using LiDAR technologies. LiDAR collects data quickly and with high accuracy, and requires minimum human dependence because most of its processes are automated.

Despite the benefits, there are numerous points of failure that can occur when utilizing LiDAR that must be addressed to ensure sensitive data is both processed efficiently and secure at scale and in transit. Of primary concern is the large volume of data generated by LiDAR. In this paper, learn how Constellation is approaching these issues around data scaling and processing.

Research Collaboration Study

Why Automotive Data Exchanges Fail in a B2B Environment

As consumers we are all facing a situation where companies are competing to gather as much personal data as possible with the services and products they provide.

This research paper is taking a critical look at the automotive data economy in its current state by combining the data value chain and concepts of platform and sharing economy, reapplied in the context of mobility: Is data really the new oil? And if so – what are the conditions to translate data to economic success?

Automotive Data

Research Authors
Sebastian Spitzer, Schaeffler
Hamid Derakhshanmanesh, Schaeffler
Lucy Hakobyan, Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative
Benjamin Diggles, Constellation Network

Whitepaper Standard
Specification Standard
Automotive Data Standards Publication

Connected Mobility Data Marketplace AV Standards

Constellation co-authored the working CMDM standards as a member at MOBI, the world’s largest automotive consortium focused on creating blockchain-based standards to identify vehicles, people, businesses, and trusted trips with the goal of making transportation more efficient, affordable, greener, safer, and less congested.

The CMDM working group was formed to enable a DLT based data marketplace for all stakeholders of the mobility ecosystem, including OEMs, insurance providers, infrastructure operators, and others to effectively share their data with business partners while complying with emerging regulatory and industry best practices for preserving data privacy and property rights.

The CMDM Standards promote data privacy, reduce frictional inefficiencies, improve mobility services, and enable new business models.

Work With Us

Constellation team members include distributed systems engineers, blockchain architects, past NASA, Google, Oracle and SalesForce software engineers, and Silicon Valley veterans with a focus on Enterprise go-to-market.

Benjamin Diggles
Co-Founder & CSO

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