Lattice Exchange

Lattice Exchange is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that connects all blockchain main-chains and allows users to transfer cryptocurrency between multiple ecosystems.

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Lattice Exchange

Lattice Exchange is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that connects all blockchain main-chains and allows users to transfer cryptocurrency between multiple ecosystems. By leveraging Hypergraph – Constellation’s feeless network – the platform reduces risk, costs and friction for traders, giving them control over their digital assets while increasing transparency. As well as being the bridge between all blockchain ecosystems, Lattice is a cross-chain asset swapping platform with DeFi incentives and rewards.

For crypto asset holders, Lattice is the financial hub that provides access to new crypto projects, treasury management, governance and crypto lending avenues. For traders, it empowers liquidity provisioning with near zero fee swaps, transparency tools and cross-chain support.

Application Overview

Lattice is an evolution of existing DeFi solutions that offers near zero swap fees while enabling cross-chain (multi-assets) and ecosystem support with institutional grade trading tools. This platform will be the gateway to unlocking digital asset services by combining the features of traditional equities and cryptocurrencies with speed, security and cost savings at the forefront.

Through the integration of various partners and services, Lattice is a one-stop shop for all activities related to crypto finance. Holders of LTX – the Lattice Exchange token – can participate in the platform in the following ways:

Decentralized Governance

LTX token holders will determine the future development of the platform and build more value into it.

Yield Farming

LTX token holders can stake or provide liquidity to earn rewards and incentives.


LTX token holders will have priority access to support and stake in new promising crypto projects.


LTX holders will have the ability to collateralize their crypto assets for a USDT(C) loan or to lend out fiat stablecoins to receive interest.

Cross-chain Swapping

LTX token holders of multiple digital assets will be able to swap beyond the Ethereum ecosystem.

Project Specs

Category: Finance DeFi
Languages: English
Version: 1.0
Token: LTX
Max Supply: 100M LTX
Token Listings: Kucoin, Uniswap, MXC, Bithumb Global
Launched: October 2020
Support: Telegram
Documentation: GitHub
Status: Phase I
Supported Networks: Ethereum | Constellation
Team: Incubated by Constellation Network, Inc.

Lattice Exchange Technical Roadmap

Phase 1

Q2 2021

Governance, Ethereum Cross-chain Support and Initial Features

Introduce Lattice Governance for LTX holders to introduce and vote on features and platform capabilities. The release of Lattice LaunchPad and Lending will commence.

Phase 2

Q3 – Q4 2021

Broader Blockchain Ecosystem and Cross-chain Integrations and Swapping

Introduce early swapping and liquidity providing between multiple blockchain ecosystems. The release of projects on Lattice LaunchPad and liquidity provisioning on LatticeExchange.

Phase 3

Q1 – Q2 2022

Oraclization of Trade Data

In an effort to create more transparency in DeFi and robust trading solutions, Lattice will introduce developer tools to enable data-driven decision making.

Token Economics

Lattice Exchange is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The LTX token serves as the governance tool, meaning all decisions about the project’s future development will be phased out into the hands of each LTX token holder. Furthermore, the LTX token will also be required to enable multiple other features on the Lattice platform, including Yield Farming, LaunchPad, Lending and Fee Sharing.

How the token economy works in relation to the business

There is a direct link between token demand and ecosystem growth. When more users want to participate in the Lattice ecosystem, there will be a higher need for LTX tokens to interact with platform features.

The role $LTX plays in this economy

The LTX token is deeply interconnected with the Lattice ecosystem and will be utilized for a multitude of features across the platform:

Governance As a tool for decision making
Yield Farming For earning rewards via staking or liquidity pools
Launchpad For priority access to LaunchPad projects
Lending Fee discount
DEX Fee sharing

How the LTX token moves through the token economy

LTX token holders can either hold their tokens to make key decisions around the development of the platform and participate in the fee sharing mechanism, or they can utilize their token in the different yield farming options to earn rewards or stake their tokens in our LaunchPad for early allocation of a new project.

How the LTX token economy is governed

We expect great demand from traders and liquidity providers alike, who will utilize our near zero fee swaps and cross-chain support while also having the most prominent DeFi applications incorporated into our platform. Lattice will be the one-stop shop for DeFi solutions, suitable for: 1. Traders and liquidity providers looking for low or less volatile fees, and 2. DeFi users looking for yield farming opportunities and funding for new projects in the Lattice LaunchPad.

How to Get Involved

Lattice can be found on the following social channels:


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